ONQOR Secures B-Corp Certification Solidifying Dedication to Positive Impact

6 months ago

ONQOR scored an impressive 97.1 points

ONQOR has officially been certified as a B-Corporation by B Lab.

ONQOR, a full-service digital marketing and creative agency, will be joining a worldwide movement of using business for the benefit of people and the planet, as well as striving to solve social and environmental challenges. 

  • “This journey, though challenging, has been incredibly rewarding,” said Anna Louit, ONQOR’s Managing Director. “This certification is about being part of a global community that shares our vision and values.” 

ONQOR’s B-Corporation comes from over three years of commitment to ethical, sustainable, and positive work. The agency’s commitment to ethical values is also reflected at all levels of internal operations.

In 2020, ONQOR shifted focus to working exclusively with socially and environmentally ethical brands. As of 2021, the business operates on a four-day workweek, improving staff productivity, happiness, and retention.

ONQOR also offers monthly professional development opportunities and paid mental health days for all staff. In addition to prioritising mental health and employee wellbeing, ONQOR operates 100% paper and plastic-free.

  • In 2022, ONQOR was selected as a finalist at the Drum Awards for Best Health & Wellbeing Initiative. In 2023, ONQOR’s founder, Joe Kaul, was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Media & Marketing in Europe. 

With an Overall Impact Score of 97.1, ONQOR scored approximately 20+ points above average in both the marketing and UK categories.

Anna said: “Here’s to the future where we continue to grow, innovate, and contribute, not just as a company, but as a community committed to positive change.

Looking ahead, ONQOR aims to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and engage with the B-Corp community. ONQOR encourages readers to watch this space in 2024 as it anticipates rapid growth, from expanding the troupe to an exciting networking and launch event, with an announcement coming soon.

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