Meet Tend Legal: The Innovative Legal Service for Agencies

1 month ago

Find out more about Tend Legal, Agency Hackers latest Recommended Partner, below

Agency Hackers is excited to introduce its latest Recommended Partner, Tend Legal.

Founded by Alistair Wells and his wife Shona, both seasoned lawyers, Tend Legal stands out in the legal landscape with a unique approach that breaks away from traditional law firm practices.

They offer flexible and approachable legal services tailored to the dynamic needs of small businesses and agencies.

Alistair Wells: From Traditional Law to Innovative Legal Solutions

Alistair Wells’ journey into law was influenced by his early fascination with legal dramas and a desire to engage in problem-solving and language. His career spanned various legal firms, from large ‘magic circle’ firms to smaller practices.

This range of experiences allowed him to recognise the gaps in traditional legal services, particularly for small businesses and creative agencies. This realisation, combined with the changes brought about by the pandemic, led to the birth of Tend Legal.

Alistair said: “I saw how things in big firm things are done a certain way – there are a lot of very smart people, and the quality of the work is high. But there’s not much client contact, and just you’re tiny cog in a massive machine.

“I came away from it thinking that wasn’t really for me. And then working in a smaller firm for 13 years, from day one I was I was given files and clients to look after. That was when I had the sense that I am actually doing something that means a lot to one person, or a small company.”

The Tend Legal Philosophy: Approachability and Early Legal Advice

Tend Legal seeks to change the intimidating and formal approach often associated with legal services.

Alistair shared: “A lot of agencies don’t get good legal advice because it’s a struggle to find a law firm that understands their business, has the necessary expertise, is affordable and can move as quickly as they need. A lot of agencies also find the formality of a traditional law firm really off-putting – and even intimidating

  • “That can be off-putting for creative agencies and businesses where the thought of dealing with a law firm can be quite draining. It can also be a bit formal and intimidating.

“So we took the elements of legal practices that are useful and we can use to help people grow their business. We give advice that helps you avoid falling foul of the law and makes sure you are protected in contracts – but we do it in a way that makes sense to you.

“Our aim is to provide better, more human, less formal legal experience, with the client at the centre”

The aim is to offer legal support that is not only proactive but also forms a close relationship with clients, making them feel comfortable and understood. Tend Legal want to make sure you have the advice before you need it – Or, vitamins instead of painkillers, as Alistair described it.

A Unique Subscription Model

Tend Legal offers a subscription model. This model allows businesses to receive ongoing legal support without the worry of mounting costs for each consultation.

The idea is to encourage open communication and develop deep understanding and alignment with clients’ needs. This approach has allowed Tend Legal to foster close relationships with its clients, becoming more like an in-house legal team than an external advisor

Services Offered: Comprehensive Legal Support

Tend Legal provides a wide array of services, including:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Joint ventures
  • Company restructuring and sales/purchases
  • Share option schemes
  • Employment law advice and documents

They ensure businesses have the right contracts and policies in place and offer support for various scenarios, from business acquisitions to performance or disciplinary issues, to contract negotiations. Their focus is on minimising risks and ensuring all legal aspects of a business are in order.

Damage Control and Problem Solving

Although Tend Legal’s approach primarily focuses on preventing legal issues, they are well-equipped to handle cases where things have gone wrong. Whether it’s reviewing and replacing inadequate contracts or advising on the best course of action during legal crises, Tend Legal provides tailored solutions to navigate complex legal situations

A New Era of Legal Services for Agencies

With its innovative approach and commitment to providing accessible, proactive legal support, Tend Legal is poised to revolutionize how agencies handle their legal needs.

As the newest Recommended Partner of Agency Hackers, Tend Legal offers a refreshing and modern take on legal services, ensuring businesses can focus on growth and creativity without legal hindrances.

You can find out more about Tend Legal here.

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