Meet Deazy: Empowering Agencies with Seamless Development Solutions

1 month ago

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In the dynamic world of digital agencies, finding a reliable partner to extend your development capabilities without the hassle of hiring can be a game-changer.

This is where Deazy comes in, an Agency Hackers Recommended Partner, poised to revolutionise how agencies tackle development projects.

  • Founded five years ago, Deazy was born out of the frustration of not finding capable technology partners to bring a digital marketplace to life. This challenge led to the creation of a unique ecosystem designed to connect agencies with an adaptive workforce of the world’s top software developers.

Today, Deazy stands as a beacon for agencies looking to say “yes” to more projects without the burden of expanding their in-house team.

The mission? To fill the gap between agencies’ project demands and the availability of skilled developers.

With a focus on both direct client work and agency partnerships, Deazy has tailored its offerings to ensure that agencies can leverage their extensive network of over 85 delivery partners across Europe and beyond. These partners are not just any development; they are verified through rigorous technical and soft skill assessments to ensure they meet Deazy’s high standards of quality and reliability.

Agencies never have to say no to a project with Deazy

Jan Viskoper

Deazy offers agencies a next generation model that has been battle-tested over 8 years, with 700 unique engagements. Allowing agencies to scale up their development capacity and capability within days, Deazy ensures they can handle fluctuating project demands without the overhead of maintaining a large bench of developers. They can offer:

  • Customisable Engagements: Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of agencies.
  • Access to Specialised Development Teams: Access to a hundred of specialiszed tech stacks through a single point of contact.
  • Complete Flexibility with the Adaptive Workforce: Scale up or down resource within days from across the world based on client demand
  • Deazy Quality Guarantee: Ensuring high standards through intense technical and cultural vetting before deployment.
  • Rapid Onboarding: Easy vetting and integration of developers into agency projects.
  • Project Management Support: In-house delivery managers with the expertise to oversee projects, handle escalations and manage teams of nearshore developers.

One of the cornerstones of Deazy’s success is its ability to provide a “risk-free” solution for agencies. By handling the vetting and management of development teams, Deazy allows agencies to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional creative and strategic work.

Whether it’s a need for a specific skill set for a project or augmenting the team to handle more work, Deazy’s flexible next gen model ensures agencies can adapt to their clients’ needs without the overheads of hiring and delivering to their clients at pace.

Jan Viskoper, Senior Business Development Manager at Deazy, emphasises the importance of this flexibility, noting that working with Deazy means agencies “never have to say no to a brief again.” This partnership model not only opens doors to new opportunities but also solidifies agencies’ capabilities to tackle diverse projects, from mobile app development to complex web platforms.

Deazy’s commitment to quality and delivery is backed by a robust support system, including dedicated account managers and a delivery team ensuring projects run smoothly from inception to completion. Managed through a bespoke software suite custom-built for this purpose, the Deazy Platform, Deazy can provide a level of oversight crucial for maintaining the high standards that agencies and their clients expect.

  • As Deazy continues to grow, fuelled by significant funding and a strong team, its vision remains clear: to empower agencies to expand their service offerings without the risk and expense of scaling their in-house teams.

With Deazy, agencies have a partner that not only understands their unique challenges but also offers a scalable, efficient solution to overcome them.

Deazy is not just a service provider but a strategic partner that enables agencies to dream bigger, reach further, and achieve more – the possibilities are limitless, and the future of agency development work looks brighter than ever.

For detailed information on Deazy’s services for agencies, visit their Agency Solutions page.

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