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6 months ago

Find out why de Jong Phillips is one of Agency Hackers’ Recommended Partners

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your accountant wasn’t just a once-a-year call but a constant companion in your business journey?

Well you only need to look as far as Pamela Phillips and the team at de Jong Phillips, Agency Hackers’ latest Recommended Partner – they’re more like financial sidekicks for agencies.

Pamela, with her unique blend of accounting chops and investment banking savvy, noticed something off in the small business world: many agencies were missing out on the savvy financial strategies big companies have.

So, she decided to shake things up.

de Jong Phillips is all about giving that big business edge to smaller agencies, helping them not just with the number crunching but with the whole financial world – think strategic planning, making sense of cash flow, and even guiding you on how to grow.

Of course, they do the usual stuff like payroll and VAT returns, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Need help with pricing strategies? They’ve got your back. Wondering how to cut costs without cutting corners? They’re on it. Planning to invest in something new? They’ll help you weigh the pros and cons.

It’s a very dynamic relationship that we have with our clients – not all accountants do that

Pamela Phillips

Pamela explained her approach to accounting saying: “I’d say 90% of accountants are not giving their clients what they need. But when people come and work with us, there is usually a handful of things that they’re asking for.

“Mostly they want to work with an accountant that is proactive, that’s coming to them with ideas – they want to work with an accountant who’s strategic that will help them make big decisions, and at a really basic level, they want to know that they can rely on the numbers they’re looking at!

  • “When you’re running a business, it can be quite lonely. You’re making decisions that you’ve never made before and you don’t know what the right answer is going to be. But you want to have someone alongside you that can help you make those decisions.

“And where we come in is we can present facts. And we can also present best guesses of what the future might look like. Because even though you can’t predict the future, there’s some elements that you almost can predict – for example we know what your wage bill going to be next month and the month after.

“We can also help predict sales and, what it will do to your profit, meaning that we can start looking into the future, which is really helpful if you’re making decisions.

“But not all accountants are set up to do this. There is a slim line of accountants that will do what we’re doing, which is way more on the side of forward looking strategic and helping make sure the business is aligned.

“So if we work with a client on their strategy and their goals, we also work with them on reporting back on how to grow and reach goals. It can be scary, but we start by look at what’s going on under the bonnet and start looking at what levers we can pull to help sort problems.

“So it’s a very dynamic relationship that we have with our clients – not all accountants do that. And I think it’s really important for agency owners to understand that there are accountants that do actually do that.”

What really sets de Jong Phillips apart is how they make finance feel friendly. They break the mould of the distant, all-business accountant.

  • Their team is approachable, chatty, and genuinely interested in what makes your agency tick.
  • This isn’t just about number-crunching; it’s about building a relationship where you feel comfortable talking money, growth, and even the occasional hiccup.

So, if you’re an agency looking for more than just an accountant, if you want a team that helps you play the financial long game, de Jong Phillips might just be your match.

They’re the kind of finance whizzes who make you feel like you’ve got a secret weapon in the world of business. And in a world where the financial tide is always turning, that’s not just reassuring; it’s empowering.

You can find more information about de Jong Philips and what they can offer you here.

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