Magpie Expands UK Campaigns with Four New Team Additions

7 months ago

Magpie is celebrating a big expansion of the Leeds based team

A Leeds based agency has added four new hires to the team.

Creative behaviour change specialist Magpie, that works exclusively on campaigns that improve health and wellbeing, reduce poverty, tackle climate change or promote equity, diversity, and inclusion, has expanded its behavioural insights, creative and business development teams.

Mirela Neto joins Magpie as a research project lead from the University of York, specialising in social research, behavioural science and environmental issues. Saransh Ahuja has a masters from the Department of Psychological and Behavioural science at LSE. He specialises in economic psychology, behavioural science and sustainability. 

Magpie has also added to its creative team with ex-Hallmark Cards designer Emma Burton and with Christopher Hulme who joins as business development manager from a previous role as Employer Partnerships Manager for the social enterprise Generation UK. 

Magpie adds four new members to the team

Its clients include the Met Office, NHS, Department for Health and Social Care and RSPCA. The agency has recently partnered with the Association of Directors of Public Health Yorkshire and Humber to create Gambling Understood, opening up informed conversations about gambling product design and marketing. 

Magpie’s Director of Behavioural Insights Dr Grainne Dickerson said: “Understanding people’s behaviour and creating communication campaigns that respond to their needs is a complex task. With Mirela and Saransh, alongside Dr Julie Van de Vyver who joined our team last year, we’re giving our clients access to incredible insight and evidence based campaigns with impact.”

Co-founder Ged Savva said: “We’re celebrating our fourteenth year this year and the need for campaigns that inspire positive change and have a long-lasting social impact has never been greater. We’re currently taking on challenging topics like decarbonisation, smoking, antimicrobial resistance, road safety and reducing violence with changemakers across the UK.”

The new hires coincide with the launch of a new Magpie website developed by its inhouse team, centered on its mission of tackling society’s biggest challenges through behavioural science, creativity and collaboration. 

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