Live & Breathe Partners with Real Techniques for Brand Awareness Campaign

5 months ago

The creative agency has joined forces with the beauty brand to launch its 2024 Brand Awareness Campaign

A leading creative agency has revealed it will be working with Real Techniques in 2024.

Live & Breathe is partnering with Real Techniques to launch its brand awareness campaign alongside media agency partner, MI Media. The campaign aims to enhance the makeup tools exiting positioning in the market, and to show its audience that the tools they use are as important as the products they apply.

Targeting make-up users aged 18-34, the 2024 campaign seeks to cement Real Techniques as the first brand in shoppers’ minds when it comes to buying make-up tools.

The campaign will be brought to life in a multi-media campaign across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and OOH, placing Real Techniques at the centre of the make-up community in creative and innovative ways.

The campaign will be going live in mid-February.

Our aim is to assist Real Techniques on its journey to becoming a beacon of innovation and quality, reshaping the consumer mindset

Nick Gray

Emily Hudson, International Marketing Manager at PPI Beauty, said: “We are so excited to work with Live and Breathe on our Brand Campaign for 2024. As market leaders, we are committed to bringing innovation to our consumers in line with upcoming trends, focused on the beauty obsessed and relevant conversations within that community.

  • “We have a huge digital following of 5M+ and we are still growing through social channels, specifically Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.  At Real Techniques, we continue to pride ourselves on bringing prestige quality, award –winning and innovative tools to the mass market, to help beauty lovers get the most out of their make-up. 

“This is the beauty of our brand! We are confident that this concept will come through in the campaign, and look forward to seeing the results.”

Managing Director, Nick Gray said: “Our aim is to assist Real Techniques on its journey to becoming a beacon of innovation and quality, reshaping the consumer mindset.

“In a market where lower quality make-up tools are winning shoppers through low prices, we see a tremendous opportunity to utilise Real Techniques’ reputation for creating great quality products.

“By highlighting the significance of make-up tools to match the eminence of make-up products, we are committed to consolidating Real Techniques as market leaders and building on its existing successes to reach new heights.”

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