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When you’re used to a certain size of client project, it can be difficult to know how to attract bigger ones – especially when you don’t know what the client is expecting of you.

“How do we find and pursue the right people who can give us the level of project we need?” asks Amy Clamp, commercial director at Beatfreeks.

What makes an organisation want to spend big money with you? How likely are clients to commit to a £100k piece of work with an agency they’ve not worked with before? And how can you prepare for such a big project internally?

Do you have experience with this transition? How did your agency navigate the change?

Come along to share your own solutions and help Amy tackle this problem.

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At this month’s CFO surgery, we’re talking about how to fairly distribute financial rewards to your team.

Do you have an established bonus structure in your agency? Does it work? What’s the overall cost difference between a bonus and a salary increase?

Come along to share your thoughts and experiences, and hear how others in your shoes are managing the same challenges.

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In this month’s operations mastermind, we’re talking to Brant McNaughton about automating your agency processes.

Which areas of the business do you wish you could automate? How easy is it to implement – and how much does it cost?

Come along and discuss with Brant and others who have been there and done that.

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The thought of public speaking can be terrifying for even the most experienced agency leaders and presenters.

Becki Wilson, MD and creative director of The Loft, set up The Keynote Club with Max Hopkinson and Becca Lamb from Bind, to tackle this shared fear.

“Everybody is different, but public speaking is a confidence thing. It’s a muscle you can build,” she says. “The more you practice it, the more you can build it.”

“By practicing, you’re able to participate more and say yes to career-building opportunities,” says Becki.

Becki and Max will be sharing the things they’ve learned and the tips and tricks they now use when speaking to audiences. If you’re looking to improve, or perhaps take your first step, then this is the session for you.

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Raising your prices is quite often necessary – but also quite scary. What if an existing client says no and goes elsewhere? What if it stops you from winning new biz?

Leadership coach Andy Brown says you need to be more confident when charging extra for your services.

“Typically, you’ll go into a conversation wondering, ‘What do we think they’ll pay?’. Actually, you should be asking yourself what you feel the right price is for the value you’re offering.”

“It’s like selling a house. You can put any price on your house you like, but the market will decide how valuable the house actually is. With your work, the clients are the ones who decide what its value is.” 

If you’re worried about raising prices and how clients will respond, Andy will be guiding you through how to do this confidently and effectively.

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At this month’s HR & people mastermind, we’re talking about managing team conflict.

How do you deal with internal arguments? Do you have a process for it? What do you do when someone isn’t very good at taking criticism?

Make sure to join this month’s session to discuss all this and more, and help others in need of some advice.

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In this month’s operations mastermind, we’re talking to Joe Daniels about productising your agency’s services.

How has it made client work more efficient? And how has it affected time spent on projects?

Come along and discuss with Joe and others who have been there and done that.

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At this month’s client services mastermind, we’re talking about how to get clients to commit to you.

What do you do when a new biz deal goes quiet? Is this happening more and more? If yes, why is that?

Come along to discuss all this and more, and get advice from others on this topic. If you’re clued up on this already, please lend your expertise!

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Most agencies are run in a similar way. But have you ever thought of replacing your traditional ops or client services teams with pods?

For some, the more autonomous ‘sports team’ approach really works. But for others, the pods structure hasn’t worked at all – sometimes because the agency just isn’t ready for it.

Are you thinking of implementing the pods structure in your agency? Have you already tried it – and has it worked? Or have you found an alternative to pods that you think everyone else needs to know about?

Come along and discuss it all with your fellow members.

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