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At the start of this year, we decided we needed a new channel for our content.

We use Zoom and emails a lot, so we settled on a print project. This has since become our quarterly magazine, aptly titled Agency Hackers Quarterly – and it’s already become a great marketing asset for us.

But why print, and why now? Come along and hear from our brilliant content team about the ins and outs of extending our brand – and perhaps it’ll even inspire you to do the same.

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If you’re struggling to make diverse hires, how do you overcome that? What can you change in your hiring process? We’re speaking to Paul David, CEO and co-founder at Literal Humans, who will be sharing how he has built a small yet diverse team.

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Our monthly mastermind is the place for HR and ‘people’ people to ask questions, seek support, share their own wisdom too. 

This month, we’re talking about Occupational Therapy.

We’ll be covering all this and more in your monthly catch-up session, so be sure to bring along some questions.

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It’s a balancing act: what boundaries should you set as an agency leader?

You want your team to enjoy working for you, and you want to be their friend as well as their boss.

It also won’t be recorded, so feel free to come along and be as honest and frank as you like.

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Have you encountered a difficult team member? Or perhaps while they don’t perform, they’re a great fit for your culture? Come along and discuss your experiences with Jo White from Team Sterka, and share what you have done to resolve this scenario in your team

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You’re always juggling plates when running an agency…

…but what if you could pay someone to take a couple off your hands?

In this session, Daniel de la Cruz shares his experience of hiring a part-time personal assistant as an agency leader, and Andrew Dobbie gives his insight into whether or not you need someone full-time.

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It’s not only a tax-efficient strategy for directors to step down, but it’s also good for the business as a whole – it’s good for employees, it’s good for recruitment, it’s good for clients,” says Andy Hayes, MD of Quietroom.

In this session, Andy explores the topic of EOTs, telling the story of his agency’s journey to becoming one, and the benefits of doing so.

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Everyone is talking about the economy.

Whether you’re uncertain or still going steady, it’s time to talk about the topic on everybody’s lips: the recession.

Come along to this month’s SOTN to find out where you sit among the masses.

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Most agencies have a specialty, but have you ever considered finding your niche?

In this session, Alex and Claire Blyth, co-founders of Red Setter, share the story of how they found their niche, and show you how you can do it too.

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