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Making a move to the US is a big, expensive decision, one to take with great care.

However, now might well be the perfect time to make the leap – whether that’s opening an arm of your agency there or reaching out to more US-based clients.

Sophia ‘Puff’ Story, co-founder of 3SidedCube USA, will be telling us what it’s like to launch Stateside and how you can still make an impact without even getting on a plane.

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2022 has been another yet year filled with – dare we say it – “unprecedented” events.

With the Russia-Ukraine war, the death of a monarch and a recession hanging over everyone’s heads and impacting businesses, how has your agency fared?

We’re celebrating the good, the bad and the ugly in the final State of the Nation of the year – Agency Hackers included.

Come along and share with the Agency Hackers gang for one last time this year as we say farewell to 2022.

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Software referral schemes – where you’re paid for introducing a technology to a client – give some agencies the ‘ick factor’. But is it time to reconsider?

“You’re not being unscrupulous – you’re helping them!” argues Peter Kilmartin, who heads up agency partnerships at Mapp. “It’s not about turning one or two lights to illuminate a forgotten corner – there’s a whole extension to the house that you didn’t even know was there.”

In this session we’ll discuss how you can take full advantage of partner programs – without compromising your client relationships, or feeling like you’re not an honest broker.

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In the past two years or so, Louise Towler, managing director of Indigo Tree, has been able to propel her agency into new pastures by taking advantage of local grants and enterprise schemes.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve had about £60k’s worth of business from clients, just from me passing on information about grants they could apply for.”

Come along to hear Louise dive deep into the grants she’s obtained for her agency, how she won them, and the impact it’s had on her business. As always, don’t forget to bring along some questions!

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Lee Fitzpatrick, MD at Zebra Growth, helps agencies create an ethical growth funnel, which he says is key to finding and winning new business in a way that aligns with an agency’s overall ethics and vision.

“How do you really clearly define the lines around business development and marketing when deploying account-based marketing, while also making sure you’re minimising its negative impact?” he asks.

Lee will be showing you how you can create a more ethical growth funnel for your agency, and also demonstrating just how easy it can be for agencies to balance profit with a more purpose-driven outlook.

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At this month’s LinkedIn Mastermind, we’re talking about ghostwriting.

Is there a writer out there that can communicate your vision better than you do? Could this strategy save you precious time when growing your brand?

Come along to discuss all this and more, and maybe even pick up some tips…

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At this month’s Marketing Mastermind, we’re talking about reviving dead clients.

How do you figure out which leads are worth reviving? Could this help you identify where you’re going wrong in your sales process?

Come along to discuss all this and more – and get advice from others in your position. If you’re clued up on this already, please lend your expertise!

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At this month’s CFO Surgery, we’re talking about chasing client debt.

Do you have a process for handling tough client scenarios? What can you negotiate into future contracts to avoid this happening again?

Come along to share your thoughts and experiences, and hear how others in your shoes are managing the same challenges.

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At this month’s Operations Mastermind, we’re talking about how to build a competent senior leadership team.

How can you identify leadership qualities? What management structure is best for your agency?

Come along to discuss all this and more – and get advice from others in your position.

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