Brave Bison Commerce and Vue Storefront Lead the Way in SAP CX Composable Transformation

8 months ago

A joint partnership will see a re-platforming project for new client Winparts

Digital media, marketing and technology agency Brave Bison has extended its strategic partnership with the front end as a service platform for headless commerce, Vue Storefront. 

The collaboration will drive further value for clients using ‘Best of Suite’ platforms such as SAP, including for its brand-new joint client win, car-parts supplier Winparts. The two will also continue to work with MKM Building Supplies, which, as a result of previous work, won the 2023 MACH Impact Award from the MACH Alliance for its headless technology-powered website in June. 

The partnership will enable Brave Bison’s Commerce business to become the market expert on Vue Storefront for SAP installations, providing unique input on the roadmap for joint and prospective customers. Additionally, Vue Storefront can utilise this expertise to accelerate fine-tuning and build more innovative solutions. 

The announcement reflects a growing trend towards composability in the digital experience and commerce space as businesses recognise the limitations of being locked into traditional, all-in-one solutions. With the support of Brave Bison and Vue Storefront, companies can create their own agile, highly customised commerce solutions and modernise progressively with minimal disruption.

It’s truly game-changing. However, implementation requires a nuanced approach and a team with an understanding of the potential pitfalls and challenges

Ed Hornby

As part of the partnership, Brave Bison Commerce and Vue Storefront will also work closely to build knowledge of the framework. This will include thought leadership around modernising the Best of Suite platforms, focusing on SAP, and events for customers and prospects to discuss and collaborate on complex modernisation opportunities. This will enable more businesses to understand the benefits of and how to start building a high-performing platform.

Ed Hornby, Managing Director of Commerce, Brave Bison, said: “Every business is looking for solutions to improve customers’ experience and conversion ratios. This is increasingly important in a world where functionalities added today could be outdated tomorrow. Composable resolves this problem by combining flexibility, speed, innovation, scalability, personalisation, and cost-effectiveness.

“It’s truly game-changing. However, implementation requires a nuanced approach and a team with an understanding of the potential pitfalls and challenges. We’re delighted to partner with Vue Storefront and continue to offer our experience and expertise to brands looking to unlock the many rewards of this innovative approach.”

Patrick Friday, CEO and Co-founder, Vue Storefront, added: “The ability to handle myriad touchpoints and reach customers where they are has become imperative for brands today. Our composable commerce enables this, and our front-end technology accelerates it.

“As businesses seek omnichannel e-commerce strategies, we’re seeing more and more turning to composable commerce solutions. By partnering with Brave Bison, we can help our clients get an edge over their competitors.”

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