ASK BOSCO® Releases New Budget Planner Feature for Digital Marketers

4 months ago

The team have launched its latest digital marketing tool this week

In an exciting development for the digital marketing sector, ASK BOSCO® has unveiled its latest innovation – a Budget Planner feature designed to redefine how marketing professionals allocate their online advertising budgets.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this new addition to the ASK BOSCO® platform empowers marketers with the ability to optimise their spending across more than 160 digital channels effectively.

The Budget Planner is engineered to utilise historical data to forecast future campaign performances, allowing for a more strategic distribution of marketing funds. Users can benefit from customised planning for specific date ranges, enabling precise targeting during peak performance periods.

The tool also allows users to create scenario plans, whilst offering insights into how different budget allocations might impact overall marketing goals.

An overview of ASK BOSCO® Budget Planner:  

  • Inputs: You can tailor your budget plans to your requirements. Select a date range, your marketing channels and the targets you want to achieve. 
  • Algorithm: ASK BOSCO® combines these inputs with your data and AI modelling to predict where to allocate your budgets to maximise online performance. 
  • Results: Review your tailor-made budget plan in a comprehensive dashboard. Action recommendations to optimize your activity, scenario plan, and achieve results. 

ASK BOSCO® claims that one of the standout features of the Budget Planner is its versatility in handling multiple currencies, which simplifies the planning process for global campaigns. Marketers will also be able to set up unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each channel, ensuring that budget decisions align closely with specific objectives.

The introduction of the Budget Planner by ASK BOSCO® is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing marketers with robust tools that enhance efficiency and drive better results. This tool is not just about managing budgets; it’s about unlocking potential and discovering new opportunities for growth in the digital landscape.

Anyone interested in learning more about the tool can attend the virtual walkthrough on Wednesday, 14 February.

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