AI Experts Share Some of the Best Hacks for Agencies Using ChatGPT

8 months ago

ChatGPT is a great tool but most people are missing out on some helpful hacks that make it much more efficient

ChatGPT has become a really useful tool in the agency world with many people in the industry using it to make their lives easier.

But as handy as it is for easing the workload, lots of people aren’t using it in a way that is most efficient. There are a number of AI workshops that take place all around the world aimed at helping people to understand ChatGPT and the value it can add to agencies.

And one person took to LinkedIn to share some techniques that they were taught at a recent workshop last week. Zat Astha, editor at Singapore’s The Peak Magazine shared: “The next time you use ChatGPT, ask it to ask you questions instead. 

“Most times, how we use ChatGPT is to ask IT questions the best we can and expect it to churn out satisfactory responses. But remember, Chat is only as good as your prompt — it doesn’t know what you want unless you ask. A prompt that is wanting, no matter how lengthy, means nothing to Chat if improperly phrased. 

“That’s where this technique comes in. Now, each time I ask Chat for a query, I’ll end it with: You may ask me five questions that would further better and improve the response you will be giving me.”

AI fans shared their ChatGPT tips in the comments (Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash)

He continued saying: “For me, it’s quite groundbreaking stuff. Imagine if in real life, you have the opportunity to clarify any work or instructions thrusted on to you. Picture a world where you can request for on-demand elaboration so that you can better execute the work tasked.

“Most times, in the real world, this is not possible not due to lack of want but rather for fear of being seen as incompetent or lacking of critical thinking. That’s what stuck with me weeks after the session has ended. 

“Writers often don’t realise how incredibly resourceful Chat can be—but only if we create the space and environment where it can truly thrive. Remember Chat can only respond within the parameters you’ve set. It’s up to you how large or how narrow that definition should be.”

I call this technique “Facilitate the Facilitator”

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on Zat’s post and the use of AI in the workplace. One person said: “I’ve often asked ChatGPT to rate my prompt and improve it with 3 distinct points. Helps understand how my prompt is being understood. Bear in mind you might want to Chuck in a “be critical” since AI seems to be on the more positive and less critical of the user.”

Another person added: “Great tip! If you’re a paid user – add this prompt in your custom instruction (saves you time!) Another tip I have to enhance thinking – to end your prompt by getting ChatGPT to consider contrarian ideas, not just the conventional wisdom”

A third said: “Most people don’t know this but asking it to ask you questions or even specifying questions it should ask you is the biggest hack I’ve found. You can overcome the fine tuning and priming issues by giving it context and information. In this mode you’re really co creating that just being dictated to. Custom instructions solves for it at an uber level but nothing beats qna to set context.” Whilst a fourth shared: “Awesome isn’t it. I call this technique “Facilitate the Facilitator”. I’ve been teaching it since February”

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