Agency Hackers Good Agencies Summit: The Day in Full

6 months ago

Good Agencies Summit Itinerary in Full

The Good Agencies Summit is back and it’s shaping up to be a game-changer for agencies who want to make a real difference.

The Agency Hackers team has been working hard to fill the event with some of the best people in the industry, and there will be speakers from all kinds of different agencies sharing stories and holding panels. There will be big ideas in sustainability, diversity shared throughout the day and discussion in how to make a positive impact with your agency.

A new addition to this years event is the Good Agencies Awards happening right at the Summit. It’s all about giving a shoutout to those agencies that are doing more than just business as usual – and the winners will be announced to round off the day.

Below is the full itinerary for the day.


9.30am – Welcome and introduction

We’ll introduce the conference and some of the topics we’ll be speaking about during the day. You’ll get to hear from some of the other attendees on what issues they’re bringing to the table.

10am – Agency Operations Report

You can’t become a purposeful business if your team is burnt out. In this presentation, Head of Marketing Lubna Quraishi share some highlights from the Agency Operations Report – such as the fact that 71% of agency leaders are struggling with burnout.

10.15am – Marketing Declares: How to Balance Planet with Profit

Flourish agency founder Maddy Cooper shows how to use the Marketing Declares guide to make your agency more sustainable, whilst still maintaining a profit.


10.45am – Enjoy coffee, tea and mid-morning snacks


11am – 12pm: You have three sessions to choose from:

HALL ONEWhat We Learned from B-Corp – Many people are still very interested in the B-Corp route for many reasons, but lots of people are still sceptical that it’s worth the hassle. We’ll showcase three agencies that have received the accreditation and quiz them on the impact it’s had, and whether they deem it worth it.


  • Nick Redding from Reddico
  • Jenny Kitchen from Yoyo Design
  • Helen Foord from Ele

BATTLEBRIDGE ROOMIs Pro-Bono Work Worth It? – Giving away work seems counter-intuitive to most business owners – but could it benefit you in the long term in terms of talent acquisition, retention and winning dream clients?


  • Alex Holliman from Climbing Trees
  • Liz Southey from The Salve
  • Russell Jones from Jones Millbank

ST PANCRAS ROOM De-Mystifying Stress – This workshop will help you to understand what triggers your stress/how stress manifests in you and how to reduce the impact that this has on your body and mind.


  • Steph Hill from Happy Headwork


12.00pm – We have 60 minutes for lunch and networking.


1.00pm: You have three sessions to choose from

HALL ONEBalancing Profit and Purpose – 2023 has thrown more problems at independent businesses than we ever could have imagined. So how can you keep true to your values and still maintain a profit?


  • Maddy Cooper from Flourish
  • Nick Kuh from ASquared

BATTLEBRIDGE ROOMB-Corp, Schmee-Corp – B-Corp has left a lot of agency leaders sceptical, but it can feel as though there is no other way to prove you’re serious about purpose! What alternatives are there to the B-Corp route, and how do you go about pursuing them?


  • Ed Roberts from Systematic
  • Katie Parry from Supercool

ST PANCRAS ROOMChallenging Your Assumptions – In this workshop session, you’ll be uncovering your own ‘unconscious’ biases. Mo will help you understand how these biases can affect your business and why it’s important to acknowledge them, with some practical tips on what to do next.


  • Mo Kanjilal from Watch This Sp_ce


2.00pm: You have three sessions to choose from

Again, we will have three mini sessions going on at once. At all times, the second half of the Battlebridge room will be reserved for networking and attendee conversations.

HALL ONE How To Make Your Agency Accessible To All In this session, panellists will be taking us through some of the ‘dos and don’ts’ that agencies should abide by when it comes to accessibility and disabled inclusivity – and dissecting their own experiences of discrimination to give you an understanding of the hidden pressures that disabled candidates often face.

  • Martyn Sibley from Purple Goat
  • Emma Gardener from Born Equal Consults
  • Kelly Gordon from With Not For
  • Elizabeth Takyi

BATTLEBRIDGE ROOMThe Key To A Happy Team – In this session, Jaye will be taking us through how she keeps her team happy and motivated with a simple change of outlook – as well as how you can track and improve what she defines as the ‘happiness metrics’ of your agency.


  • Jaye Cowle from Launch Online

ST PANCRAS ROOMHow We Are Championing Digital Sustainability – This session will spotlight three agency leaders leading the charge on this front – from websites and client work, to video production and sustainable working practices on digital campaigns – they will be discussing how to tackle digital and how the sustainability landscape has changed.


  • Tom Greenwood from Wholegrain Digital
  • Rich Brasset from Long Live King
  • Alex Porter-Currie from High Tide


3.00pm – You have three sessions to choose from

HALL ONEMaximising Impact With Purposeful Partnerships – We’ll be hearing from agency leaders who are partnering externally to improve everything form D&I and neurodiversity, to sustainability and digital poverty.


  • Cas Majid from WOW Group
  • Chloe Amsden from Pangolin

BATTLEBRIDGE ROOMHow To Be Authentically Inclusive – In this breakout session, we’ll be asking our panellists about how agencies can create an environment where diversity truly thrives – without the virtue-signalling and double standards – and how this mindset can begin to trickle into your creative projects.


  • Davina Rajoopillai from BADLANDS
  • James Brown from Comtec
  • Shannon Walker from Social Disruption
  • Emily Horton from Moore Diverse Voices

ST PANCRAS ROOMThe Importance Of Transparency – We’ll be speaking to several agency panellists about how they champion transparency in their businesses, the impact it makes on teams and new biz – as well as the parameters they draw to make sure it doesn’t cause problems.


  • Zoë Ogden from Impression
  • Stuart Ray from Modern B2B
  • Jenny Kitchen from Yoyo Design


4.00pm – Closing remarks and awards ceremony

We’ll reveal the winners of the Good Agencies Awards. You’ll hear the interesting story behind the entries that won – and the ones that came close – and take away some thoughtful lessons to help you in your agency’s journey.

5.00pm – Finish

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