Agency Hackers hits the road in September with the Good Agencies Roadshow

8 months ago

The Good Agencies Roadshow will be packed full of interesting speakers and inspiring discussions for agency leaders to get stuck in to



In a world saturated with digital meet-ups and virtual seminars, The Good Agencies Roadshow emerges as a breath of fresh air.

This in-person event is beckoning agency leaders from diverse sectors to come together, face-to-face, and embark on a journey to reshape industry benchmarks. Echoing the timeless words of Archimedes, “Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world” attendees will be inspired by thoughtfully picked out speakers who will touch on a diverse range of important topics.

From the intricacies of employee wellbeing and fostering creativity to broader subjects like sustainability and diversity, the roadshow promises rich, tangible insights. Attendees will also be encouraged to get involved in the discussions, not just sit listening- they’ll be exposed to real-world case studies that provide a roadmap to implement change in their own agencies.

Bristol, Tuesday 12 September

This event is taking place on Tuesday 12 September 2023. Below are the current speakers that will be appearing at the interactive event.

Why Should You Be Prioritising Purpose?

James Skirrow, head of customer success at Futureproof, will be going into detail about the commercial incentives of prioritising purpose and ESG. He will also be sharing some tips on how agencies can get started on this path without breaking the bank.

“It doesn’t have to be you become a B Corp, or you do f*** all. You can sit in the middle. That’s where the majority of people sit.”

Bridging the Tech Gap, One Apprentice At a Time

Andrew Finn, managing director of Evo Talent and former head of talent at Evo Agency, is taking to the stage to share his experiences in making sure that Eva is genuinely connecting with local young people. He will discuss what these connections are doing for the future of the agency and how a new approach to recruitment could be a game changer.

We’re all talking about this digital tech skills gap, we’re all feeling the pain of that. But unless you start doing something about it, you’re not really going to solve the problem.”

How We’re Using Nature to Build a Regenerative Business

At the Bristol Good Agencies Roadshow, Danielle Thompson, head of operations at Greenheart, will be telling attendees more about regenerative businesses from an operations POV. She will share some of the things of her consultancy does to leave a positive impact on the planet- not just through the work they deliver but through how they deliver the work.

“We’re very much on a journey to be what we call a regenerative business, which is essentially leaving the world in a better place than we found it.”

The Impact of Working with ‘Good’ Clients

Co-founder of JonesMillbank, Adam Millbank, will be talking about being a purpose-led agency and why it’s important to work with clients on projects that will have a ‘good’ impact on the world.

“It’s about more than just the financial reward of being paid at the end of each month. It’s about having opportunities to learn, being challenged and enjoying what we do every day.”

Why Our Good Intentions with Wellbeing May Be Falling Short

At the Good Agencies Roadshow, Andy Wright, CEO of Streamtime and founder of Never Not Creative, will be advocating for the prioritisation of employee well-being. Andy will be sharing his experiences and discussing how agencies can create mentally healthier cultures that can help teams thrive, work excel and agencies prosper.

“If the most valuable assets we have are our people and their brains, why aren’t we doing more to support them and help them thrive?”

Manchester, Wednesday 13 September

This event is taking place on Wednesday 13 September 2023, at the ABC Dome. Below are the current speakers that will be appearing at the interactive event.

A Year On From B Corp

Alex Holliman, founder of Climbing Trees, will be shining a light on what B Corp status really means for his business – as well as sharing the changes he’s made to keep his people happier and make a positive impact on the planet. He will be underscoring the value of B Corp certification as more than just a badge.

“It doesn’t count that you’ve become a B Corp – that’s actually just the starting point. It’s now about what you do when you become a B Corp.”

How Can You Hire But Also Retain a Diverse Team?

Claire Quansah, founder of Quansah Consulting, will be joining the lineup in Manchester to highlight how to structurally support a more diverse workforce within your agency. She will also be shining a light on why things such as mentoring and training programs can be powerful tools in the diversity space.

“Being a nice employer isn’t enough. It’s important for agencies to reflect on and review their practices, so they can improve the way they’re not only attracting and hiring people from diverse backgrounds, but retaining them too.”

Why We’re Trying to Make Our Agency More Neuro-Inclusive

Leanne Kilheeney, head of engagement at Ear to the Ground, is passionate about supporting neurodiversity in the workplace and will be addressing attendees to open a discussion about being a completely inclusive agency- there will also be advice on what small changes can go a long way to helping neurodiverse members of the team.

“Now, we’re really passionate about creating an environment where people feel comfortable to speak about this, that they have a feeling of belonging at work, and that we can physically help them too by changing our environment and ways of working.”

How Can You Create a Culture of Responsiveness?

CEO of Wow Group, Cas Majid will be joining the session on how to create a culture of responsiveness with clients at the Manchester event. Cas will provide insightful revelations about building and nurturing relationships in an agency setting.

“You need to go back and say ‘I’m dealing with it, and I’ll communicate with you again at this time’ – not ignore them until you have the answer.”

How Can You Use Purposeful Partnerships to Maximise Your Impact?

Steve Connor, co-founder of Creative Concern, will be sharing his thoughts and delving deeper into how the purpose space has changed over the last 20 years. He will be discussing the ways his agency has contributed to the movement and will be pointing out things agencies should do to keep their communication as ethical as possible.

“We pitched for a project funded by the EU with two other European agencies. We didn’t win, but we enjoyed working together so much that we had a meeting a couple of months later and thought, ‘Oh, should we start a network?’”

Being a nice employer isn’t enough. It’s important for agencies to reflect on and review their practices, so they can improve the way they’re not only attracting and hiring people from diverse backgrounds, but retaining them too.

Claire Quansah

Leeds, Thursday 14 September

This event is taking place on Thursday 14 September 2023, at Open Innovations. Below are the current speakers that will be appearing at the interactive event.

Why Purpose Shouldn’t Come at the Cost of Profit

Alex Willcocks, founder of Engage Interactive, will be explaining more about his agency’s path to B Corp status. He will also be discussing why purpose shouldn’t come at the cost of profit.

“We don’t shy away from profit at all. We’re not purpose-led, but rather a profit-first business. You still need to profit to be able to do all that other good stuff.”

How Transparency Can Win You Talent That Lasts

Zoë Ogden, People Director at Impression, will be taking a deep dive into more of the measures that makes Impression a great place to work. She will be sharing some tips, from meaningful benefits such as the four and a half day work week, to total transparency throughout the business.

“Because it’s so structured and evidence-based, when it comes to promotions, there are no other external factors at play other than that person’s merit and what that person has actually achieved- regardless of background, race, sexuality, or gender.”

The day will run from 1.30pm to 5pm and tea and coffee will be provided through the afternoon. More information on the Good Agencies Roadshow can be found here.

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