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Stay inspired as part of a friendly community of independent agencies. For leaders and their teams.

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Inspiration for your whole team

Keep everybody in your agency engaged. With Agency Hackers, your entire team get to collaborate with their counterparts at other friendly agencies.

Agency leadership

We run regular sessions to help agency founders, owners and leaders set a course and stick to it – topics include M&A, proposition development, leadership, culture and more.

Senior leadership

You also keep your senior leadership team engaged – with content and community to help busy teams succeed, stay sane and keep their energy levels high.

Rising stars

Much of our events and content helps your rising stars in your agency meet and collaborate with other people in different agencies. Keep them engaged and give them a chance to have their say.

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Upcoming Virtual Events

Live Events

Ian Harris speaking at an Agency Hackers event

Inspiring live events for ambitious agencies

  • Jump back in! Reconnect with the Agency Hackers community at our famous in-person events.
  • Share stories and get inspired by rubbing shoulders with other mature, friendly agency leaders.

Next event: Thurs 6 Oct 2022


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