Thanks – what happens now?

Yes! You’ve registered for War Room. Now, we start putting you into a suitable group.

This can take a few steps, and it does require your involvement – so we apologise in advance if we chase you a bit 😬.

  1. First we assign you to a group.
  2. Then we ask you to confirm that you’re happy with who we’ve put you with. (We’ll remind you nicely if we don’t hear back!)
  3. The next step is to arrange a ‘diary alignment call’. This is where you get on the phone for 10 minutes maximum and arrange three dates to meet virtually. (This is way easier than fiddling around with different Doodle polls.)
  4. We ask for a volunteer to organise this.

Please keep an eye out for emails from us, and click the confirmation links as soon as you can so you don’t keep your new pals waiting.