Recommended Partner: Tend Legal

⏺ Tend Legal is a modern law firm that specialises in working with agencies
⏺ It offers a subscription package, providing you with your own legal team when you need them, or fixed price projects.
⏺ Tend’s lawyers communicate like humans. They make sure you’re properly protected, without holding things up

For agencies, using a traditional law firm can be like taking the Space Shuttle to the supermarket: expensive, unwieldy, and liable to blow up underneath you.

That’s why many agencies in the Agency Hackers community use Tend Legal.

Tend Legal was founded in 2020 by Alistair and Shona Wells with the aim of building a better, more human, less formal legal experience for start-ups and scale-ups.

Tend Legal offers an innovative subscription package, giving you access to your own legal team when you need them, or alternatively a fixed price for your project – so your business has complete certainty on legal spend.

Tend Legal removes the barriers to all kinds of legal advice:

  • Contracts. Whether it’s working on your own standard terms and conditions, crafting bespoke MSAs and SOWs or negotiating contracts with third parties. You’ll be in better shape if you have a lawyer at your side.
  • Employment Law. Whether you need advice, documents, or help with specific situations, Tend Legal’s expert employment lawyers will guide you safely through.
  • Corporate work. Tend Legal can also be in your corner for buying and selling businesses, fundraising, and everything in between.
  • Tend Legal’s team speak like humans, understand the agency world, and work with modern technology. (You can even communicate with them on Slack!)

If you have a one-off legal need, or you’re starting to mature your agency to the point where you have an ongoing need for legal advice and protection, get in touch with Tend Legal today.

Tend Legal is a modern law firm that specialises in working with agencies

Tend Legal x Agency Hackers

  • Tend Legal solves a problem that most maturing agencies have: you want to do things properly and protect yourself, but hiring a lawyer is opaque and difficult.
  • You worry that a lawyer will charge you too much, won’t understand your sector, and will be overly conservative to the point of becoming an obstruction.
  • Tend Legal speak the language of the Agency Hackers community and we’re proud to have them as a partner.