Recommended Partner: de Jong Phillips

⏺ de Jong Phillips are an award winning, tech-focused accountancy firm that specialises in working with agencies
⏺ They do everything a traditional accountant does – but they also help you make your agency more efficient and profitable
⏺ They also help you to understand your numbers so you can make better decisions that will help your business survive and grow.

Discovering the right accountant can be a game-changer for a growing agency.

A great accountant doesn’t just crunch numbers – they brings clarity to financial chaos, and help you spot opportunities, avoid pitfalls, and translate the complex language of finance into actionable steps.

de Jong Phillips is a modern accountancy firm that specialises in working with agencies. (In fact, at Agency Hackers we like them so much they’re our accountants!)

When you’re growing your agency, having a financial compass you can trust can be the transformative edge you needs. With some accounting firms you can get lost in the machine, or fall between the cracks. That doesn’t happen with de Jong Phillips.

The team act as your outsourced finance function. They do daily bookkeeping, so everything is in Xero and always up to date – and provide regular strategic advice to help shine a light on where you are versus where you need to be.

de Jong Phillips are a modern accountancy firm that specialises in helping agencies grow. Agency Hackers is a customer – we love them!

de Jong Phillips x Agency Hackers

  • de Jong Phillips are award-winning accountants that really understand what it’s like to run a growing agency. They speak your language and understand your business
  • They’ll make sure you have the right financial systems and processes in place, and that you always have a great view of where you are – and where you’re heading. (You’ll be particularly glad of this if you come to sell.)
  • de Jong Phillips are Agency Hackers’ accountant and we can’t recommend them highly enough.