Recommended Partner: ALF

⏺ ALF gives you access to valuable information on brands and key decision-makers
⏺ There are over 6,000 data points updated weekly
⏺ Stay informed with the latest brand-agency relationships, job changes and pitch updates

ALF plays a huge role in helping agencies identify new business opportunities

Being on top of everything going on in the industry can be a mammoth task. But ALF takes away the stress, with live updates on who is doing what, providing detailed information on brands, other agencies, and key players in industry. And it is all completely verified by the team and GDPR compliant.

Using ALF can help agencies get more clients and partnerships as it keeps you on the pulse.

  • Media sales: Agencies can use the platform to gain access to in-depth data on advertising briefs and marketing spends of leading UK brands
  • Partnerships: ALF helps new partnerships form by offering insights in the latest collaborations and opportunities
  • Trends and Data: All pitches and wins are archived, allowing agencies to find trends and patterns in client-agency relationships
  • Demo and Support: The ALF team also provides demos to clients, showing, in detail, how the platform can completely transform their business strategies – ongoing support is also provided

For more details on how ALF works, check out its website.

ALF is constantly updating its data, so you will never miss a pitch

ALF x Agency Hackers

  • ALF are an industry legend, having been in business since 1987 – so it is a tried and tested tool that agencies have been using for decades
  • Your own team can often be too busy working with current clients to be seeking out new opportunities, so using ALF to know exactly when brands are looking for pitches can streamline the process and lead to more success
  • ALF’s team are constantly updating the platform and adding new features to ensure you are getting as much valuable information as possible. We’re proud to have them as a partner!