Your Member-led Support Network

• In-person, locally-Chaired roundtables
• Confidential conversations about your business
• Make connections in the Agency Hackers community

Agency Hackers Local lets you meet other agency leaders around the country in confidential, member-led roundtables

Agency Hackers Local lets you meet other people running successful agencies.

You meet at the offices of other agencies in your region for friendly, confidential discussions with fellow leaders.

The sessions are hosted and chaired by our members and researched and organised by Agency Hackers. Meetings vary in size from 3 people to 6.

The tone is informal, but the format has enough structure to make it a good use of your time. Here’s how Agency Hackers Local works:

  1. You register to attend a local roundtable
  2. We ask you to complete a short “state of the union” statement in advance of the meeting. (This way, everybody turns up fully prepared.)
  3. In the meeting, a local chair person uses the materials we provide to navigate the agenda and carefully explore each delegate’s situation.
  4. Everything is strictly confidential.

Who else will I meet?

At the moment we’re pitching these at owners, founders, or MDs. Also, everybody is a member of Agency Hackers, which means they are generally a mature, purposeful agency working towards some kind of defined goal.

Can I host an event?

Yes please! All you need is a simple meeting room. If you have a bigger space, excellent! Please register as usual and tick the box to tell us about your space and that you’re happy to host.