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• Have lunch with friendly agency leaders
• Join confidential conversations in a private dining room
• Meet people you will get on with from a curated invitation list

Meet agency people near you. This is a picture from the Kensington Roof Gardens – but you aren’t meeting here. Instead, we use private dining rooms in the Ivy Collection of restaurants. (So almost as swish.)

Show me your friends, and I will show you your future.”

That’s either from the Bible, or Judge Judy. Whatever the source, it’s true: when you are growing an agency, you need to surround yourself with people who are on the same journey.

Agency Hackers Local is a simple way to meet other people running successful agencies.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the owner, part of the senior leadership team, or a departmental “head of“. Plug into our network and make friends with other calm, mature, motivated agencies, where “getting it right” is expected and normal behaviour.

Where do they take place?

Agency Hackers Local happens in restaurants across the UK, usually in the Ivy Collection. We take over the restaurant’s private dining room, so you can catch up with new friends and share stories in confidence. At the moment we cover Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, London, Manchester and Oxford – simply because we have a decent audience around those parts. We’re hoping to add more locations though.

Who will I meet?

Some dates are just for agency founders, owners or senior leadership. Others are for the broader team. Everybody is a member of Agency Hackers, which means they are generally a mature, purposeful agency working towards some kind of defined goal.

And what happens – besides eating?

It’s not just a jolly lunch. The event is facilitated by an Agency Hackers moderator. The overall goal is for you to meet other useful and interesting people, share stories with them, and get as much advice or inspiration. We add “minimum viable structure” so you get to have useful conversations with people you want to meet.

Next dates

Owners / leaders 👉16 Feb18 Feb23 Feb22 Feb17 Feb24 Feb
Future leaders 👉28 Apr21 Apr19 Apr22 Apr27 Apr20 Apr
Owners / leaders 👉14 Jun16 Jun22 Jun17 Jun15 Jun23 Jun
Future leaders 👉19 Aug24 Aug30 Aug25 Aug23 Aug31 Aug
Owners / leaders 👉18 Oct20 Oct26 Oct25 Oct19 Oct27 Oct
Future leaders 👉6 Dec8 Dec13 Dec9 Dec7 Dec14 Dec

Owners / leaders means the people in charge of the agency. (You decide if that fits you.)

Future leaders means people who are considered the “rising stars” of the business. Usually departmental heads or functional leaders.

Want to join?

Agency Hackers Local is part of our “face-to-face” package. If your agency isn’t part of that, we can move you to the correct tier.

If you are a member already, click to book. You can attend as many as you like.