• The conference for people on a leadership journey
• A day of inspiring case studies, peer mentoring and live comedy
• Tuesday 9th May 2023 // 10am – 5pm // Techspace, Shoreditch

In an agency you are promoted because you are great at your job – but not always because you’re a confident leader. So get help and support from other people going through the exact same process at other agencies.

Join us for Leadership⚡️Live and take another step forward on your leadership journey with case studies, peer-to-peer mentoring – and even live comedy.

It’s a whole day where you get help to develop your own style of leadership, and build your confidence and resilience.

Leadership Live is a development conference for people who are on a leadership path in agencies

Inspiration and Confidence for
Tomorrow’s Agency Leaders

1. Case studies

People who are doing – or have done – what you’re about to do. Hear from inspiring future agency leaders.

2. Peer-to-peer coaching

Meet other people on a leadership trajectory, and arrange peer-to-peer coaching to support one another.

3. Stand up comedy

We learn best when we’re laughing. To set the right tone we kick off with a special set from comedian Kat Price.

Case study ✏️: “From Apprentice to MD”

Seven years ago, Ollie Storey was a waiter doing landscaping on the side. Fancying a change, he joined Cold Banana as a 20 year-old apprentice.

Now, seven years later, Ollie is Cold Banana’s MD.

“I’ve grown up in the agency,” says Ollie. “Being a young person in an agency, one thing that I’ve struggled with is having belief in yourself. When you look at other directors who have 10 years on you, you just immediately expect them to be far more competent.”

At Leadership Live, Ollie – as well as several others – will be talking about their experience rising through the ranks, and how you adapt as your role evolves into leadership.

Ollie Storey will share his experience of going from apprentice to agency MD at Cold Banana.
Beatfreeks’ Jen Swain will shine a light on what it’s like to step up into a leadership role for the first time.

Case study ✏️: “Stepping Up Into Agency Leadership”

Last year Jen Swain became Managing Director of Beatfreeks – stepping up from her operations role at another agency.

Jen says that balancing confidence with self-awareness is key. “Finding the confidence to ‘back myself’ has been transformational. But it’s also having the self-awareness to know when you’re still learning. Getting that right, keeping yourself in check and being humble, is a real balance.”

Jen is at Leadership⚡️Live to share her journey into leadership, and help you see what might lie ahead for you when you take on the top job for the first time.

Training session 🙋‍♀️: “Tackling the Fear of Public Speaking”

Public speaking opens doors. But what if you’re stepping into leadership and it still makes you sweat?

Becki Wilson, MD and creative director of The Loft, is part of the team that set up the Keynote Club to tackle this shared fear. We’re joined by Becki at Leadership Live who will run a training session to help you put the public speaking feather in your cap.

“Public speaking lets you say yes to career-building opportunities,” says Becki.

It’s not about changing who you are: Becki will show you can use speaking to become more visible, pitch more confidently, and lead meetings with confidence and assurance.

Becki Wilson of The Keynote Club will deliver practical tips on becoming a more confident public speaker.

Peer-to-peer coaching with other future leaders 🏈

Leadership can be a lonely place! Make friends and get matched up with a cohort of others on an agency leadership path.

Delegation problems, imposter syndrome, isolation and overwhelm – these are all common hurdles, but it’s only people who are on the same only things people currently on the same path will face.

At Leadership Live you’ll meet face-to-face, talk about your situations, and then (if you’re up for it) make plans to continue supporting each other and holding everyone to account.

Even stand-up comedy 🤣

We want Leadership Live to be a space where you feel like you’re with friends. So to establish the right tone, we start the afternoon with a set from stand up comedian Kat Price – a fast-rising London-based comedian who reached the finals of the LGBTQ Comedian of the Year award.

Kat is funny, fascinating, and to be honest probably a bit rude here and there – but sit tight, you’ll be fine.


Q: Who is Leadership Live right for? 🤔

We created Leadership⚡️Live for agency people who are in the process of stepping up into leadership.

Some people will have had the ‘tap on the shoulder’ quite recently. They’ll be preparing to transition into a new role in the future.

Others will have already been doing some form of leadership for a while – they’ve been thrown in the deep end, and now they are busy making sure they swim rather than sink!

Everyone you meet shares the same excitement (and worries) about their leadership journey – and is looking forward to getting a bit of support and finding other likeminded people.

If you fancy sharing the ups and downs of stepping into leadership confidentially, then this is the place for you!

Q: What will I get from the day? 🙋‍♀️

The overall purpose of the day is to give you confidence and support on your own agency leadership journey.

We do this by👇

1. Sharing confidential case studies from other people that you can learn from, and be inspired by.

2. Introducing you to likeminded people that you can share your personal experiences with.

3. We also work hard to set a relaxed, inclusive, and playful tone. This is so everybody has a good time, and feels able to get involved and ask the “stupid question” (that everybody else is probably already thinking).

Q: How does the day itself flow? ⏰

The actual structure of the day is as follows:

  • We start at 10am (makes it easier for people travelling in from afar.)
  • We open with a stand up comedian to wake up up, get you laughing, and to set the right tone.
  • From 10.30am, we spend the morning listening to selected case studies from agency leaders who’ve “risen through the ranks”. What have they discovered? What can you take away any apply to your journey?
  • We also hear from delegates who have particular challenges or questions they are looking to solve. We discuss and unpick them together.
  • We have lunch together.
  • After lunch, we have an invited speaker who runs a training session (this time it’s Becki Wilson and Max Hoppy from The Keynote Club).
  • Then you get time to speak to other people and make connections – and set up peer-to-peer coaching groups that can carry you forwards.