Campfire sessions

∙ On Thursday at Ibiza Super Summit, you can take part in a few different campfire sessions led by delegates.
∙ You’ll have time for two sessions before we head off for lunch – and then the boat party ⚓️
∙ So we can get an idea of demand, please let us know which ones you’d like to attend.

Rob’s short, funny videos about agency life have become a hit across our industry. He’s made a name for himself and attracted millions of views on TikTok and thousands of followers on LinkedIn.

Despite this success, he feels like he is just getting started.

In this session, you can pick Rob’s brains on becoming popular on TikTok, using comedy to build a following, and how a good sense of humour can help in attracting new business opportunities.

Does your marketing grind to a halt “four feet from gold?”

Marketing is the real answer to most agency leaders’ sales problems”, says Street Agency’s Katie Street. “But most agencies give up way to soon.”

Katie’s business Street helps businesses with their pipeline and positioning. She’ll share the things she’s noticed that work for agencies – as well as some “home truths” that agency leaders might not want to hear.

This workshop is all about unleashing the power of podcasting for agencies!

Dan – founder of The Podcast Guys – will dive into the exciting world of B2B podcasting and video podcasts, exploring their rising popularity and impact on brands.

If you’re curious about the future of podcasting – either to grow your own reputation or to open up more opportunities with clients – this workshop will be useful.

Agency founder Gareth Dunlop loves design thinking! He believes that more agency leaders should use it – but what is it and how can it help you?

“I was listening to why people are coming to Ibiza,” says Gareth.

“It seems people want to be inspired when they’re away – but actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT when they return. And it’s that ‘how to do something about it’ bit that I have some knowledge and experience on!”

Gareth will share real-life examples of how design thinking has had a positive impact on his businesses – and how it can lead to a competitive advantage through innovation.

Performance coach Baiju Solanki will help you tackle the challenge of making your teams more accountable.

Agency owners often say: “People agree to do things… and then just don’t do it! We’ll agree to something in the meeting and then it just never gets done. When I bring it up, they say they’ve been busy. And if I don’t chase up on it, we’ll never speak about it again.”

We’ll talk about setting clear expectations and goals, and how to have open and honest communication, as well as tips on empowering team members to own their tasks like bosses.

Baiju will spill the beans on practical strategies to create a culture of accountability your team.

Should you be hiring outside of the UK? Agency founders David Wain-Heapy and Bachir Smahi will be leading a conversation on the pros and cons of having a distributed team.

“A massive game-changer when running our agency was hiring distributed teams,” says David. “We were always struggling to find good people quickly. The salaries were insane in London, and the skills weren’t there.”

They’ll be joining us to talk about:

  • The benefits of having a distributed workforce.
  • Maintaining company culture with people all over the world.
  • Preconceptions and concerns of hiring distributed teams.