Pre-register and FAQ

✈️ 25th and 26th September 2024, Ibiza Gran Hotel, Ibiza

🎟️ Ticket update : Our final release is now live. Click here to get tickets.

Ibiza Super Summit – FAQ

Hello! I’m Ian, and I run Agency Hackers.

Wondering if the Ibiza Super Summit is right for you? Below, I’ll try to answer common questions as honestly as I can. If you have any questions that aren’t covered, please email me on [email protected] and I’ll respond.


Q) How much are tickets?

Tickets are £799. There is no VAT, because the event is being delivered in Spain.

Q) What does the ticket 🎟️ price cover?

Your ticket covers access to the conference across three days:
Official welcome drinks on Tuesday evening
The conference itself on Wednesday and Thursday
Boat party on Thursday evening (with open bar)
All the conference catering (it’s posh)

Your ticket doesn’t include flights or accommodation – or anything you get up outside the conference, for example in the evenings.

Flights at the end of September tend to be quite decently priced. And Ibiza Town has lots of hotels to suit all budgets.

Q) When 📆 is the conference?
The welcome drinks start at 8pm on Tuesday 24th September 2024. The conference happens on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th September 2024.

Q) Where is it happening?
A) The Ibiza Super Summit happens at the Ibiza Gran Hotel in Ibiza Town. It’s one of the island’s best hotels but we mainly chose it because it has brilliant conference facilities.

Q) What happens 🔮 at the conference?
A) The content is a mixture of talks, structured workshops, and facilitated campfire sessions where you can swap notes with other agency folk on M&A, exit planning, and get input on “big picture” strategic stuff.

We have some big name speakers like Rory Sutherland – and we’re announcing more throughout the year.

Q) Who else attends 👀?

A) The attendees are virtually all agency owners or founders. It’s a mix of agency sizes – but typically people are £1m+. (If you’re smaller, don’t worry.) 
(Interestingly, it’s a real mix of people – close to 50% men and 50% women – and ages range from 20s up to 70s.)

Q) Can I bring my husband / wife / partner ❤️?
A) Yes – and you don’t need to buy a ticket for them. This way you can put a holiday through your business. (Er, not tax advice!)

Meeting other agency husbands / wives / partners is a nice way for them to finally understand what you go through as an agency leader!

Note: they won’t be able to take part in the conference itself unfortunately – but we will include them in the evening activities. (They may be able to attend the boat party – we’ll confirm this nearer the time.)

Q) Is this work 💼 or a holiday 👙?

A) This is a business conference that doesn’t feel like work. You might have seen people sharing photos of the “fun” bits (of which there are a lot – it’s Ibiza) but it’s genuinely a proper conference on agency leadership. 

Q) Will all the tickets sell out on Friday 😱 ?
A) We don’t know! We have 130 left (70 went to previous delegates) and there are 400 people on this email. Because of how we lay out the conference (round tables) the venue has a hard limit of 200. 

Q) Look, do things get “crazy”? Am I too old for this?
The beauty of Ibiza is that it means different things to different people. Our job is to curate the evenings so that you can always find people on your wavelength. Some people like clubbing and lasers 🪩! Some people prefer a restaurant 🥘 in the Old Town! Some people want yoga 🧘 on the beach! Whether you like clubbing or yoga – or both – we will help you find the right people. 

Q) I don’t know anyone! Who will I talk to?

People are very friendly. You’ll bump into fellow delegates at the airport! Once you book you will be taken straight to a private WhatsApp group where you can meet your other attendees. (Dive in – or keep it muted until September. Your call!)

Q) I still have a question 🙋‍♀️
Please email [email protected]

If you do want to come, please try to book as soon as you can. Last year this event sold out with three months to go – but this year with a lot more interest we do expect to sell out much faster.
I really hope you can join us in September! 

Ian Harris
Director, Agency Hackers
[email protected]

Agency Hackers Ibiza Super Summit is part conference, part opportunity to relax, and part opportunity to have fun with new friends.