Weds 29 Mar 2023 11:00am UK time

Clive will be talking you through what to legally prepare yourself for as you grow – saving you potential trouble in the future

As your agency grows, there are a lot of huge changes along the way – but are you legally prepared for them?

Clive Rich is the founder and chairman of LawBite, an online portal that connects businesses with SRA-regulated law firms.

“£13bn is lost each year by SMEs in the UK by not addressing their legal issues promptly,” says Clive, who is also a trained barrister. 

“This in turn holds back your growth and success.”

Agencies can be affected by several legal problems along the way to success:

  • If you’re hiring a wider team, or bringing in freelancers, is your documentation and insurance up to scratch?
  • Have you amended your client agreements and contracts? Are you prepared for the possibility of a dispute?
  • For software and digital products, is your intellectual property protected?

“These are all fundamental building blocks,” says Nick Church, head of growth marketing at LawBite. “Some of these things might not seem important at the time, but they’ll be very costly later on down the line if you haven’t sorted them out.”

Clive will be on hand to talk you through the legal implications of your agency’s growth, and how you can future-proof your agency to avoid a legal problem stunting your success.