TRAINING SESSION: The Importance of Employee Engagement

Thu 20 Jan 2022 10:00 am UK Time

• When it comes to winning work, it’s easy to forget the people behind the process.
• So, how are you going to communicate these changes to them? How can they be engaged in the process, and how can that benefit your client propositions overall?
• Experts Holly Shawyer and Alex Sargent will be showing you how you can level up your people agenda and how it can help you win work.

Holly and Alex are experts when it comes to transformation and change – and your people are at the heart of that.

“When any organisation goes on to transformation or winning work, it seems to be the people are the last thing they think about. ‘We need to make money, we need to change our commercial engine’, but suddenly you think, ‘Oh god, what about the people? How am I going to communicate this?’”

Picture this: you’ve just won a huge project to market a new range of burgers for a fast-food giant. This will be huge for your agency.

But while you’ve got the job, have you stopped to think about the people in the scenario and how you’ll or your clients will communicate these changes to them? 

People impact and engagement can easily be forgotten about in the grand scheme of pitching – but having the people agenda at the heart of client propositions can really set you apart.

In this session, Holly Shawyer and Alex Sargent will be taking us right to the core of this issue to make sure you get the most value from your clients’ briefs.

“You need to be thinking about your people at the very beginning of the journey,” says Holly, a transformation and change communications consultant. “Sometimes it’s way too late when decisions have already been made and executed.”

Everyone knows that employee engagement is good for business, but for many it’s sadly the last thing on the list.

In fact, according to Gallup research, companies who invested in employee engagement and people agenda found a 23% increase in profitability and 43% reduction in employee turnover – not bad when you stop and think about the people behind the process.

“Your employee value proposition and your client proposition have to be intrinsically linked,” says Alex, a people and culture transformation professional. 

“It all starts with your people.”

In this session, Holly and Alex will explore:

  • How to spot opportunities in your agency to create a more engaged workforce.
  • How engaging your workforce can complement your client propositions.
  • How to understand how adaptable your clients are when it comes to peoples’ needs.

“You can start by building the narrative, the purpose, the vision, and the values of your people, and that then links to performance management and recognition,” says Holly. “The people agenda is a priority for businesses – and the budget is there.”

Come along to find out how to level up your people agenda and become a frontrunner when pitching for work in the process.