TRAINING SESSION: The Do’s and Don’ts of Pitching

Tue 8 Mar 2022 2:00 pm UK Time

• Are you finding it hard to pitch in a virtual world?
• Or maybe your agency presentations just don’t hit as hard as they used to?
• In this training session, award-winning coaching expert Kirsty Hulse shares her tips on how to engage your clients when pitching, and the common mistakes you should always avoid…

As an agency consultant, Kirsty has seen literally hundreds of presentations, slide templates and credential copy decks.

What’s the worst thing you can do when pitching to a client?

“Bore them,” says motivation expert Kirsty Hulse. “The biggest mistake I see is people not thinking about actually engaging someone. They only think about getting the data across,” she says.

Kirsty set up Roar! Training in 2019, specialising in coaching and management training for agencies. 

As a former founder of her own agency Manyminds, she also works as an agency consultant. This means Kirsty has seen literally hundreds of presentations, slide templates and credential copy decks.

“You have to think about the feeling you want to generate in the other person,” she says. “When we actually start focusing on the feeling we want our clients to experience when we present to them, it brings them back into the narrative.”

For example, an agency who works with travel clients may want to spark a feeling of so excitement and hopefulness for the future. 

In contrast, an agency that works with highly regulated industries may want to instil a feeling of safety and security, to ensure the client that they are in a steady pair of hands.

“A lot of agencies tend to just focus on talking about themselves,” says Kirsty. “They say, ‘This is our methodology, this is our process’, without much scrutiny as to whether that is actually valuable for the person they are presenting to.”

In this training session, Kirsty will be taking us through:

  • The pitching strategies that just never work.
  • How to spark emotional resonance in clients.
  • How you can adjust your pitches for success in a virtual world.

 “Often what people do is share their screen at the beginning of the presentation, talk at someone for an hour, and then expect them to be engaged like that,” she says. “So, it really is about relearning.” 

“The big thing is helping agencies to understand the power of communication, so they lean a lot less on just being specialists.”

Come along to hear Kirsty’s top tips for pitching in a virtual world and determine whether your own strategies need an update.