Thurs 16 May 2024 4:00pm UK time

Q2 has rolled around rather quickly this year, and with it comes a new set of problems and opportunities for agencies – especially when it comes to growth. 

For some, there are several barriers to growth still getting in the way:

“Our key obstacle to scaling is talent,” says one agency leader. “It’s incredibly difficult to find people who can hit the ground running.”

Another says one of their main problems is: “scaling an agency without compromising quality.”

“We have to improve in all areas in order to move forward, and I want us to challenge ourselves more regularly for large client accounts and national awards.”

However, others are flourishing more than ever.

“We are on course to have our best year yet, delivering +30% YoY growth, and we’re aiming for £800k of revenue by the end of this financial year,” says one agency leader.

Where are you on the sliding scale so far this year? What’s on the horizon for the next six months?

We’ll also be hearing from Harv Nagra, an operations consultant and head of brand communications at Scoro. Harv will explain the different stages of growth and what to consider at each stage as you mature and grow your agency.

Come along and share your experience with the rest of the Agency Hackers community and see how you’re faring in comparison to other agencies like yours.

This event is sponsored by Scoro.

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