Tues 19 Dec 2023 2:00pm UK time

This year has undoubtedly been filled with its fair share of challenges and victories for agencies. 

For some, it’s smooth sailing:

  • “I’m so proud of how far we have come in two years – we’ve more than doubled in size this year and have had zero client losses!”
  • “We had major growth plans for 2023. We developed a massive focus on free value-add services and tools to differentiate from the competition and it’s already opened up more work with existing clients for us, as well as impressing new potential clients.”

For others, it’s plot twist after plot twist.

  • “I had major ambitions for 2023, but commercially the year has been very challenging. Committed projects are continually being delayed or cancelled at short notice, and we’ve had cash flow challenges with clients as well as endless pressure on wages.”
  • “Finding the right talent for our team at the right cost is a big challenge – salary expectations are so high right now! Myself and my co-founder need to take a step back from day to day to focus on growth but our team is too junior to allow it.”

As we approach the end of 2023, it feels right to hit pause and take a moment to look back on this year.

  • Have the last twelve months panned out as you expected? 
  • Have you had to face new challenges? 
  • Was 2023 a success?

In this session, we’ll be taking some time to reflect and share what the last twelve months have been like for everyone – Agency Hackers included. Come along and share your saga with the group, and pick up some last bits of advice before the new year.