Tues 20 Dec 11:00am UK time

• It’s been another year of – dare we say it – “unprecedented” events.
• With the Russia-Ukraine war, the death of a monarch and a recession hanging over everyone’s heads and impacting businesses, 2022 has been another one for the history books.
• But how have you and your agency fared? We’re celebrating the good, the bad and the ugly in the final State of the Nation of the year.

How has your agency fared in the last 12 months?

At Agency Hackers, we always like to have the scoop on what’s going on in other agencies.

And when it comes to the last year or so, there has – yet again – been a lot of obstacles that agencies have come up against.

So, how have you fared?

  • What changes have you made in your business during the cost of living crisis?
  • How have you grown your agency?
  • Have you struggled to retain talent?
  • Perhaps you’ve made a big structural change to your business?
  • What new and exciting things have you achieved in another year of “unprecedented” events?

In this session, we’ll be taking some time to reflect on the year that was, and share what the last twelve months have been like for everyone – Agency Hackers included.

Come along and share with the Agency Hackers gang for one last time this year as we say farewell to 2022.