Tues 12 Mar 2024 11.00am UK time

“It’s the granular details, often undocumented, that are integral to your agency’s operations.”

For Steph Lucas and Shakira Floyd, co-founders of Satori, the key to effective processes lies in intentional design.

When working with clients, they dissect their processes into three core, but key, levels: systems, processes and workflows.

This helps to give you the foundations for a strong business – and helps keep everyone on the same page too.

“Founders often view processes from a different level to their teams,” says Steph. “If it’s not executed properly, this can potentially unleash a host of complexities.”

In this operations mastermind, Steph and Shakira will be taking us through the key features of process design, and answering questions like:

  • Playbook vs. processes: which is right for your team?
  • How can you deconstruct elements of each process for optimal efficiency?
  • How to stay up-to-date with and integrate new advancements seamlessly into your current system.
  • How to establish best practice for continuous improvement, and to guarantee your processes remain robust.

“Documenting your processes is never quite finished,” says Steph. “Instead, you should approach your processes in a cyclical way, because your business is constantly evolving. It’s about looking beyond the top level.”

If you’re looking to level up your processes, but you’re not sure where to start, Steph and Shakira will be sharing their insights on how investing time in refining processes can significantly impact your business’s success.