Tues 14 May 2024 2:00pm UK time

Your processes can make or break your business. 

If you have too much going on behind the scenes, you will inadvertently overcomplicate things and mistakes will happen.

That’s why Tea Duza, head of operations at Pitch121, has made sure to create an innovative and process-driven approach to their problem-solving and efficiency improvements.

“When I started at Pitch121 four years ago, the average marketing executive was able to work on four client profiles on average,” says Tea. “Now, with all the changes we’ve implemented, every member of the team can easily work on 11.”

Part of these improvements come down to:

  1. Changing project management software, moving from Trello to Asana. “We changed from Trello to Asana, based on the one simple idea that this could help us to streamline our processes better.”
  2. Using AI tools more, including developing ‘GPT environments’ for their clients. “The copywriters have been developing GPT environments for our clients. They can mimic the client’s tone of voice and how they want to be perceived on LinkedIn, helping us to prepare a first draft of posts or messages.”
  3. Fostering a culture of collaboration.

They also have an ‘innovation framework’ in place that guides the process from an initial idea through testing to implementation, ensuring that new ideas are thoroughly evaluated and effectively integrated into their operations to see if they’re future-proof.

Whilst you want your team to be process-driven, it’s important to encourage them to question everything, because nothing is ever set in stone. It’s this critical thinking that makes your processes the best they can be.

“We want to make sure that everyone brings new ideas to the table,’ explains Tea. “Everyone’s opinion is encouraged, and it creates a culture where people aren’t expecting ideas and solutions to come from just management. Everyone is part of the solution.

“The people affected by the processes are most involved in it. That’s what makes the decision-making easier because everyone is on board.”

Join us for this operations mastermind, where Tea will delve into what’s made Pitch121’s operations so streamlined and well-functioned, exploring how AI, automation, and team collaboration have made such a massive difference.