Wed 16 Feb 2022 11:00 am UK Time

J2 is a creative marketing agency based in London, run by founder and CEO, Julian West.
• In the last two decades, his agency has continued to grow at a rapid pace, with 2021 being its best yet.
• We’ll be chatting to Julian about everything from people and profitability, to his agency’s culture of transparency and the obstacles he’s faced along the way.

Julian West founded J2 in 2001 – and the agency has made a profit every single year for two decades.

Julian West has always been obsessed with numbers.

“It’s about being armed with information at all times so I can make clear decisions about when we recruit, and when we don’t,” says the director and co-founder of J2.

Launched in 2001, Julian’s agency has gone from strength to strength. Even when they were ‘sinking like a stone’ during the recession, they’ve made a profit every single year.

And two decades on, they’ve had their best year yet, in 2021 turning over £6.3m, with a £1m EBIT.

So, what’s the secret to J2’s success?

In our latest Open Source session, we’ll be speaking to Julian about his agency’s journey, including:

  • His agency’s culture of transparency.
  • The structural changes he made to for the business to be more efficient.
  • The shrewd decisions he’s made to ensure J2 is profitable rather than ‘busy’.

Come along and hear more about Julian’s story – and don’t be afraid to ask questions.