Thurs Dec 14 2023 2:00pm UK time

Arsenic has 33 protons and selenium has 34. That’s the only difference. But one of those elements will kill you, and the other you can buy in Holland & Barrett.

Scale affects agencies in weird ways, too.

“It’s not that difficult for an agency to make money when you’re sort of below 10 people. You’re nimble and your overhead costs are low. You don’t need to invest that that much in other areas.” says agency CFO Martyn Raftery.

“But as soon as you start investing in senior members of staff, that’s when margins dip and ultimately most agencies don’t get beyond the £1m or 20 staff”.

It begs the question: what size are you, and are you the right shape?

Join us for a candid conversation with Martyn, who brings to the table nearly a decade of hands-on experience working with marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes.

In this session we’ll delve into the real-world challenges that agencies face at various stages of their growth journey, and more importantly, how to navigate them successfully.

  • How can founders effectively step back from day-to-day operations without losing control of their business?
  • What’s the right time to bring in senior members to take on non-billable roles?
  • How can larger agencies ensure operational efficiency and prevent underperformance from slipping through the cracks?

This will be particularly useful for the agencies in our community who are ‘bobbing around’ the £1m mark.