Tue 26 Jul 2022 11:00 am UK Time
“Now is the time to go twice as hard and invest more in marketing,” says Roland Gurney, founder of Treacle.

How do you succeed when everyone else is in survival mode? Can you market your way out of a crisis?

“Through the pandemic, the people that took their foot off the gas didn’t do as well as those who doubled down instead,” says Roland Gurney, founder of Treacle.

“Now is the time to go twice as hard and invest more in marketing.”

“If your generic agency does the same as everyone else, you’re going to be at risk,” says Roland. “If you’ve got no reason to really choose you, if you’re just another agency that does exactly the same as everyone else with zero point of difference, you’re going to struggle through a recession.”

Simon Wright, Executive Chairman at Open Communication, echoes this.

“The last big recession for us was the credit crisis back in 2008. That happened just as we were setting up our business, Gatehouse,” Simon says. “We powered through and grew fairly exponentially during that period, by basically just doing the opposite of what everybody else was doing.”

“After we did that, the phones started ringing, and they didn’t stop.”

In this session, we’ll be discussing…

  • What kind of messaging is necessary to keep clients confident in your agency? 
  • Where should you be focusing your time and – more importantly – money?
  • What cut-throat strategies do you need to adopt to adapt in uncertain times?

For example: “Agencies are moving away from over-promising and overselling to become much more practical in their messaging around cost and time savings,” says Roland. “A lot of it’s just actually just market harder.”

“Something we’ve done, is we’ve gone back to being easier to buy. We put prices and packages back up on our website, to create less friction during the sales process.” 

Come along to hear first-hand insight into how you can grow through an economic downfall, and find out what adjustments need to be made to your marketing in order to come out on top.