Tues 24 Jan 2023 11:00am UK time

Finding clients that align with your agency can be tough, and it can take a lot of time that some agency leaders simply don’t have. So, why not consider a helping hand?
How do you find the right consultant for your agency? Are they as valuable as they claim to be?
We’ll be discussing all of this and more in our monthly marketing and new business mastermind, so be sure to bring along some questions.

Securing new business seems harder than ever right now.

With clients squeezing budgets, and some just disappearing all together, the pressure is piled high to secure and convert new leads. 

But that takes time that a lot of us don’t have, and what if you can’t afford to dedicate a full-time hire to new business?

In this month’s marketing mastermind, we’re talking about new business consultants – and asking if they’re worth it.

  • Have you used a new biz consultant before? Did it help with growth?
  • What can they do for you that you can’t do by yourself?
  • How do you find the right consultant for your agency? What criteria should you be looking for?
  • How much does it cost? Is it worth it?

Join us to discuss all of this and more – and come away with another option to consider. If you’re clued up on this already, please lend your expertise!