Thurs 24 Nov 11:00am UK time

Agency Hackers conference
Join us to compare and contrast different approaches to using LinkedIn as an agency leader

How is LinkedIn working for you?

This month, we’ll be talking about sliding into DMs.

“You can keep posting and you can be commenting, you can increase your profile views and get all your engagement on your post, but if you don’t actually move it out of LinkedIn, then you’re not getting the value,” says Laura Hannan, co-founder of Pitch121.

Pitch 121 manages LinkedIn profiles – they specialise in sparking meaningful inbox conversations, list building, and connecting with the right people.

In this session, Laura will be taking us through:

  • Where do you find the right people to talk to?
  • How can you adapt your tone and language to the person you’re speaking to?
  • How do you transition the conversation from LinkedIn to email?
  • What tactics can you use to hook people in with your message?

“There are a few different things that just work with the LinkedIn inbox, which are hedging words, making it sound like it’s by chance, and making it sound like peer to peer,” Laura says.

“When you’re in sales, you’ve been taught to be sure of yourself, and to give people two options. And those things just don’t work on LinkedIn.”

Come along and hear how you can convert more leads using your LinkedIn inbox, and share your own experiences on this topic.