• How are you using LinkedIn?
• What ‘content strategy’ are you using to get in front of your audience?
• Discuss and compare with other agency folk

Thu 26 May 2022 11:00 am UK Time
“I generally know when I’m gonna get in a load of shit,” says Rob. “My advice is: don’t take it too personally.”

How is LinkedIn working for you?

A squirrel eating an avocado got the most views I’ve ever had – like a million or something…”

“That just shows how LinkedIn has changed – people want more entertaining content.”

Each month, we get together to discuss what does and doesn’t work on LinkedIn. 

It’s a chance to share your social media struggles and successes – and get the low down on how to grow your brand. 

This month, we’re joined by Rob Illidge, who’ll be talking about using comedy on LinkedIn.

“It’s such a good strategy for potential clients because they see your content and say, ‘I just want to work with someone normal, someone who is just like me’,” he says. “You just naturally connect with other like-minded people, and then they see the work you’ve done.”

Rob is the CEO of social media agency Social Republic, and the creator of free LinkedIn scheduling tool Vulse

He’s been using comedy on LinkedIn since before it was cool – back when everyone just posted job advertisements and career milestones.

Now, he’s got a great new biz strategy for his agency, just by being himself. 

“We don’t do any advertising for the business. It’s all through LinkedIn content, and any SEO work we’ve done in the past,” says Rob. “We don’t have to actively go out and advertise, which is great.”

In this session, we’ll be going through:

  • How effective is comedy on LinkedIn?
  • What do you do when a jokey post doesn’t land or have the desired effect?
  • Are there some jokes or topics that are totally off limits?
  • What benefits does posting in this way bring to your agency?

Come along to quiz the comedy expert, and maybe even get some meme editing tips…