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Thu 14 Apr 2022 2:00 pm UK Time
Did you know one in five people are neurodivergent? That means, in an agency of just ten people, at least two team members will have some form of neurodiversity…

“One in five of us are neurodivergent, so this is a vast amount of talent that we may be missing, or misunderstanding.”

Every month, the HR and ‘people’ people of our Agency Hackers community come together to ask questions, seek support, share their own wisdom too. 

This month, we’re joined by HR professional Melanie Francis FCIPD, who will be setting the record straight on neurodiversity.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to enabling people to really shine in the workplace, and certainly not with neurodiverse talent,” Mel says.

“From an HR perspective, having an appreciation of the immense talent that is in the neurodivergent community is really important,” she says. 

“But then you also have to think about how we change the way we work to enable these people to thrive, and also to attract other people who are neurodivergent.”

In this session, Mel will be taking us through:

  • What is neurodiversity?
  • What conditions come under this umbrella? What are the different traits?
  • The strengths and challenges of neurodiversity.
  • The overlay of mental health conditions. “Those who are neurodivergent have more prevalence of mental health challenges,” says Mel. 
  • How we can adapt our recruitment process to be more accessible.
  • And the importance of a ‘neurodiversity lens’.

Join us to discuss all this and more, and really get to grips with how to manage and support neurodiverse talent without suffocating them.