• Join our monthly hangout for agency HR professionals and people directors

• What’s happening in attracting and retaining your agency’s talent?

• Bring your questions or share your knowledge

Fri 11 Feb 2022 11:00 am UK Time
Meet other friendly agency HR and people directors – get help and talk about your role

You’re invited to our monthly mastermind for agency HR leaders and people directors.

Our monthly mastermind is a great place for HR and ‘people’ people to meet others doing the same kinds of jobs, share what they’re working on and gain insight into what their peers are doing at different agencies. 

You can ask questions, seek support, share wisdom and troubleshoot in real time.

This month, we’ll be discussing staff training. 

  • Do you train in-house? Or do you use external providers?
  • Are you spending too much on poor quality training programmes?
  • What can you do when training a large group at once?

Join this month’s session to share your wins, worries and wisdom on the topic, and see what others are getting up to in the same position.