How to Grow a Cost-Effective Team in the Philippines

Thu 4 Nov 2021 2:00 pm UK Time

• Hiring is hard! Could virtual assistants in the Philippines be part of the answer?
• In this session, we’ll share what we’ve learned about building a team in the Philippines.
• We’ll talk about how to find great people, what to pay them, and the cultural differences you need to be aware of.

Could growing a team in the Philippines be a solution to your hiring headaches? Find out in this session.

Would your business work better if certain tasks were done in the Philippines?

In this session, we’ll share what we’ve learned at Agency Hackers about hiring and developing remote workers in the Philippines. 

“For over 10 years, my team in the Philippines has been kind of a ‘secret weapon’,” says Agency Hackers founder, Ian Harris. “When I couldn’t afford to hire somebody in the UK, a remote team got my projects off the ground. And as we grew up, our team in the Philippines became an important part of how we work.”

You can hire people anywhere in the world. But for many agencies, the Philippines is a great choice.

  • People from the Philippines tend to have great English. (It’s the nation’s business language, and schools teach in English.)
  • Right now there’s a great supply of talent  – with all kinds of skills that agencies need.
  • And with the median annual salary around £8,592 (source:, your money goes a lot further.

Building a team in the Philippines isn’t without its headaches. 

The Philippines also suffers from extreme weather and unreliable power. Your employee will sometimes go offline and there’s nothing you can do about it. Plus, there are cultural quirks to be aware of.

In this session we’ll cover what we know about building a strong team in the Philippines, including: 

  • How to hire. (It’s often best to do this directly, not through an agency.)
  • How to decide what to outsource. (Cold calling and things that require an ‘extrovert personality’ are hard.)
  • How much should you pay?
  • What customs do you need to be aware of? (For example, the 13th month.) 

If you’re struggling with resources but you thought outsourcing was just for large enterprises, this is worth attending.