Weds 28 Aug 2024 11:00am UK time

If your agency is ‘full-service’, you might be spreading yourself too thin.

“I get really frustrated with some agencies,” says James Urquhart, co-founder and managing director of Let’s Run Social. “You can’t be a full-service agency – it’s impossible.”

But James has cracked the code on creating multiple streams of revenue for his agency. 

He’s built a ‘sales ladder’ that not only brings in a steady flow of new business, but also allows clients to move up the ladder to higher-valued services.

Here’s how it works:

  1. It all starts with a podcast. “We’ve got the number one Facebook ads podcast in the world. That feeds into our ‘ads clinic’ because we’ve got adverts going, ‘Hey, do you want help with your ads?’”
  2. The ads clinic. “The ads clinic is for businesses that can’t afford an agency yet. They still want to try Meta ads, but they’re just not ready financially. So it’s a way to give people the expertise that’s required to run ads, but at a much cheaper rate.”.
  3. In the funnel they go. “Most clients stay on the ads clinic for about six months, then the ones that actually become bigger – they become agency clients.”

On top of that, the agency also has another sales enablement podcast, is developing a Saas tool – Rupert – to help brands manage their online communities, and is also acquiring another agency to fill a skills gap. 

All these efforts combined have led to 300% YOY growth in revenue

Join us for this online session, where James will explain how his sales ladder strategy works, the principles behind it, and how you could do the same.