Weds 8 Nov 2023 11:00am UK time

What do candidates want?

Agencies have been hoping that recruitment would get easier. Mostly, it hasn’t. Finding great talent is still hard.

So in this session, recruitment expert Jo Carter will help you get under the skin of today’s candidate.

“During the pandemic, nobody was moving around,” says Jo, founder of Concept Personnel. “Then, people said we went through the Great Resignation – but actually we’re just going back to what it used to be like, where it was normal for people to be moving jobs every couple of years.”

If you’re looking to build the right bench of talent in your agency, Jo will be sharing the motivations that are influencing candidates’ decisions today.

  • Career progression versus less responsibility. While many candidates seek opportunities for growth and advancement, others might want roles with less responsibility to achieve a better work-life balance. Jo emphasises that it’s a “big mistake to presume that everybody’s got the same drivers – because they don’t.”
  • Flexible working. Yes, it’s been done to death – but flexibility is a huge priority. “I spoke to a chap last week who’s wife just had a baby,” says Jo. “He’s been earning £90k… but he wants to have more time for the baby. He wants flexible working.”
  • Company purpose. “Today, people often look for a company with purpose,” says Jo. She’s finding more than ever that candidates are drawn to companies with a clear mission or purpose, wanting to be part of a bigger cause or goal.
  • And more! Discover insights on the importance of job security, the role of life events in career choices, the allure of a positive work environment, and the balance between career progression and personal well-being.

Take part in this session with Jo Carter and stay ahead of the talent curve by understanding exactly what today’s agency candidates want.

You’ll hear the strategies, challenges, and opportunities in transforming from service business into a scalable product business.