Weds 17 Jul 2024 11:00am UK time

In 2011, George Meressa, CEO and founder of Clear Ads, came across an opportunity.

After running only Google Ads for a year, a friend alerted him to the lack of competition in the Amazon PPC space.

“They told me there were no agencies taking Amazon PPC seriously,” explains George. “So we set up a landing page, and within a day we got a stupid amount of enquiries.”

They’d timed it perfectly, and quickly found themselves in a partnership with one of the leading SAAS companies in the US Called Teikametrics.

“They asked if we could help out some of their clients,” he says. “One of the new US clients ended up doing more PPC Revenue in a single month than any UK account we’d seen generate in a year. We realised that we’d missed a trick: we should have been pushing the US, not the UK.”

From there on out, George went to every US event he possibly could and made his agency known.

“There was one guy who I saw speak in New York called Kevin King, he was very well known in his space,” he says. “I sat next to him, explained what we do, and he asked if we could sponsor his next eCommerce event called the Billion Dollar Seller Summit – very private, very exclusive. I didn’t even ask how much, I just said ‘I’m in’ and sent him a photo of my American Express credit card to charge.”

“When I got to the event, it was a different league of eComm brands, and our reputation in the US grew way more than in the UK. We get two to three times more money a month, on average, from clients in the US compared to the UK.”

If you’re interested in growing your agency in the US and want to hear more about George’s journey and the strategies he used to succeed, make sure to join our online event where he’ll share his insights and experiences in more depth.