Thurs 15 Dec 2:00pm UK time

• You put a lot of time, effort and money into your client’s advertising and marketing but how do you sell yourself as an agency in order to win new biz?
• For Rupert Rixon at Perspective Pictures, Facebook ads have worked wonders. They’ve even had to turn them off, they’ve been that successful!
• Hear how this has worked for him and his agency, and how you can take advantage of it too.

Rupert’s had such good success with his Facebook ads – he’s had to switch them off!

Agencies spend a lot of time and money on advertising for clients. But what do you do for yourself?

“We used to use all sorts of traditional methods to bring in new business – outbound sales, networking events, push for referrals. And then someone suggested we do Facebook ads,” says Rupert Rixon, managing director and founder of Perspective Pictures.

“At the time, Facebook wasn’t a particularly B2B-friendly platform, and it wasn’t something other agencies were really doing.”

Despite this, Rupert decided to give it a go, throwing together an ad for the agency in just two hours. The results were insanely successful, doubling their revenue within a week of the ads going live. Since then, Facebook ads have been a key part of Perspective Pictures’ marketing strategy – they spent £100k on them last year but now spend just a quarter of what they used to on marketing in general.

And they’ve worked so well that they even have to turn them off shortly after they go live, due to the amount of leads they bring in.

“This year, we’ve barely had the ads on at all because the amount of work built off the back of last year has been huge. Client retention and referral rates are incredibly high. 85% of the business we’ve had this year is repeat referral – 75% of that would have been generated from Facebook ads last year.”

The ads have also had an effect on Rupert as the face of the business.

“It’s something we’re known for, and I’ve been recognised in bars from the original advert. We have a lot of people apply for jobs because of it,” he says. “Because I feature in the ad, it also creates this bizarre affinity with some clients before they meet me on a call. It’s made such a difference with relationships and how people see me.”

Rupert will be telling us more about how his agency has sold itself to clients, and how you might be able to leverage Facebook ads yourself.