Thurs 1 Jun 2023 2:00pm UK time

Every agency wants to grow. New business is critical. But when it comes to new biz, do you have the right strategy in place for your agency’s goals?
Are you at the stage where you want and need to win new business? Or are you focused on longer-term goals – maybe a new direction for your business?
We’re joined by Anna Stone, global new business director at Ogilvy, to talk about growth mindset and new biz strategies, and how you can figure out the right one for you – for now, or for the future. 

Every agency wants to grow, but when it comes to new biz, do you have the right strategy in place for your agency’s goals?

Anna Stone, global new business director at Ogilvy, says it’s all about balancing short and long-term approaches.

“When you’re building for future success, I think it’s very easy to get tied up in the ‘Quick, let’s just win whatever we can immediately’ mindset,” she says.

“How do you balance those fast and slow, or short and long-term strategies? It’s usually a case of ‘what can I do straightaway?’ versus ‘what are the things we need to do long-term to make sure we’re going in the right direction?’”

To really get to grips with the right growth strategy, and to make sure it aligns with your agency’s goals, Anna suggests digging deeper.

“If you’re planning your prospecting be realistic about whether you’re actually the best people to win that particular client or piece of work,” she says.  

In this session with Anna, we’ll be talking about:

  • Finding the right strategy. “It’s about being really clear what you want to go after – what kind of growth are you looking for?”
  • Different approaches to winning dream clients. “When David Ogilvy first started the agency, he had five clients he wanted to win. It took a couple of years to win all five – but he won them. And there’s a lot to be said for having a plan, especially one that’s that simple.”  
  • Self-scrutiny. Anna says agencies need to take a hard look at themselves. “You have to be honest about your agency’s strengths, and indeed your weaknesses, and what they are versus your competitor set. If it’s a live pitch it’s important to understand what you’re competing against, and be realistic about what you’ve got that they don’t in each situation.”  
  • Collaboration. She also says your new biz and marketing teams should be working together. “Your marketing isn’t just talking about your new initiatives and wins, it should be full circle – what you’re putting out should also be driving the clients you want to win.”  

Join us as we discuss with Anna how you can figure out, or untangle, your agency’s growth mindset, and how you can realign your strategies with your agency’s long-term goals.