Weds 22 Mar 2023 16:00 GMT / 11:00 ET / 8:00 PST

Operations can often feel like an agency afterthought, but it’s an area that can’t be overlooked for long.
Harv Nagra started taking on more operations tasks as a ‘side job’ initially – before seeing the agency needed someone to  take charge of the department full-time.
In this session, Harv will dig into what he’s done since then and how it’s transformed the agency, from onboarding new hires to engaging with legacy clients.

Harv realised the agency needed someone wholly responsible for ops in the team

Every agency reaches a point where it decides to grasp the nettle of process and operations.

But how do you do that well?

In this session, Harv Nagra will share how he’s made SAENTYS a well-oiled machine. 

Harv was digital director at SAENTYS, and started doing operations as a ‘side job’. However, he quickly saw the need for one person focused wholly on process.

“Before, you were trained by somebody you sat next to. ‘How do you build a quote?’ ‘Oh – use this one I made for another client’.”

“It meant that nobody had a consistent quote. One person might have produced quotes that looked a certain way, or said a certain thing.”

“Now, that’s completely changed.”

Harv has gone on to turn SAENTYS into a well-oiled machine:

  • There’s a process to onboard new hires – and immerse them in SAENTYS’ processes. “There’s a week-long itinerary of training that shows them how to follow the agency’s core processes. They can watch videos and learn to build a quote, turn it into a project, raise purchase orders and all that kind of stuff.”
  • Management meetings have transformed. “Before we got Scoro, there was a lot of digging around to prepare spreadsheets for the meeting. We’d be looking at data that was slightly out of date. Now, it’s literally three bookmarks in Scoro that we open up before the meeting. And it just drives the conversation.”
  • Quoting is streamlined and consistent. Clients get a consistent experience, and profitability isn’t left to chance.

Come along to hear more from Harv about how he identified the need for a full-time focus on operations, and how it’s helped the agency to thrive.

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