Tues 27th Aug 2024 2:00pm UK time

When it comes to a business’s finances, a lot of ego can be wrapped up in the numbers.

So, to shed ourselves of that ego, we at Agency Hackers are putting our finances under the spotlight.

With the help of Pam Phillips, founder and managing director at de Jong Phillips, we’ll be analysing our numbers and asking:

  1. What do our accounts reveal about our financial health?
  2. How have our margins changed?
  3. Where could we improve?
  4. What have been our biggest challenges?

“If you don’t know what you’re looking at, the numbers just don’t mean anything,” says Pamela. “But if you know what you’re looking at, you can read them and understand what’s happening inside a business. You can join up what the numbers say with what real life looks like.

You might be thinking, ‘Why are they doing this?’

We’re all about clarity at Agency Hackers. No business’s numbers are perfect, us included.

“It’s good to be transparent – not many business owners are willing to share under the bonnet and share the real numbers,” says Pam. “Every business owner will relate to it.”

By joining us for this CFO Surgery, you’ll be getting a first-hand look at our finances through the eyes of an expert accountant and will leave with a greater understanding of what the numbers in your accounts mean.