CEO SUMMIT: Maintaining Margins

Thu 5 May 2022 2:00 pm UK Time

Ian Harris – Founder / Director

If you’re an agency founder, our CEO summit is the place for you to chat with like-minded leaders about all the latest hot topics.

Think of it as our buzzing Guild forum – but in real life!

This month, we’re talking margins.

It’s an age-old question: how can you maintain a ‘healthy’ margin?

And how can you even define what ‘healthy’ means? It’s different for every agency depending on their size, revenue, sector… the list goes on.

Agencies are always wondering what the ‘magic number’ should be.

• If you’re making too much margin, there’s a risk you might be underpaying your stuff or not investing enough in marketing.
• If you’re pricing things too low, or overpay your staff, you might not make much, or any, profit. And no profit means you can’t reinvest as much as you’d like in your business.

As prices and inflation continues to rise, and the cost of living soars, how are you maintaining your ideal margin?

In our first CEO Summit, we’ll be talking all about this.

Come along and share your thoughts and experiences so far on what is always a hot topic.