Tues 8 Nov 2:00pm UK time

When is it the right time to make the call?

Sometimes a relationship reaches its natural end – whether that’s with a client, or an employee. If it’s no longer serving your agency, what’s the point in sticking around?

“We’ve been guilty in the past of keeping too many people on for too long. Trying to be nice, or thinking it was all going to turn around,” one agency leader told us. 

“But if you don’t protect the good ones, then everyone’s going to suffer.”

So what is the right etiquette when burning a bridge with a client (or an employee)? 

In this CEO Summit, we’ll discuss:

  • What are the red flags to be aware of?
  • When is it time to make the call?
  • Who handles the difficult conversations? Is it you?

Bring along your pains and problems and get advice from others in your shoes. This session won’t be recorded, so feel free to be as honest and frank as you like.

Please note, this session is strictly for agency leaders/founders ONLY.