Tues 7 Mar 2023 2:00pm UK time

“My identity was so intertwined with the success of the business, it was just not healthy for me and my people.”

When you start an agency, you’re essentially a one-man band. You’re the face of the company: the leader, the CFO, and the client services director all in one.

But as you grow, and the team gets bigger, how far do you step back?

Many agency leaders are still struggling with this.

  • Are you perhaps a bit too hands-on with client work?
  • Are you still involved in big pitches that could otherwise be run by your team?
  • Could your time be spent better elsewhere by working ON the business rather than IN it?

We’re chatting about this in our CEO Summit, where agency leaders and founders can get together privately to ask questions and share experiences.

This session also won’t be uploaded to the members’ area – so you can be as candid as you like.