Tues 6 Dec 11:00am UK time

• Have you considered referral commissions as a source of extra profit?
• Agencies sometimes turn their nose up at these. But those that take them seriously can find they’re a significant – and relatively easy – revenue boost.
“You can add six figures, straight onto your bottom line”.

Peter believes there are ample opportunities that agencies are missing when it comes to referral programs

Are you leaving money on the table by ignoring partner programs?

Software referral schemes – where you’re paid for introducing a technology to a client – give some agencies the ‘ick factor’. But is it time to reconsider?

“You’re not being unscrupulous – you’re helping them!” argues Peter Kilmartin, who heads up agency partnerships at Mapp

“You might see a brand that signed up to a £200 a month MailChimp account when they were tiny. Now they’re a huge enterprise – but they’re still paying MailChimp £12k a month for a solution that isn’t really appropriate. Isn’t it your responsibility to move them to something that’s a better fit?”

Some agencies have made a proper go of referral programs, appointing dedicated ‘growth managers’ or ‘partnership directors’ to monetise third party referrals. 

“It’s not about turning one or two lights to illuminate a forgotten corner – there’s a whole extension to the house that you didn’t even know was there,” says Peter.

In this session we’ll discuss how you can take full advantage of partner programs – without compromising your client relationships, or feeling like you’re not an honest broker.