Wed 28 Jun 2023 2:00pm UK time

Any kind of personal development is important to become a better, more thoughtful leader.
But for Martin Palethorpe, founder of Unbounded and, shifting your consciousness is the answer to making this difference.
He’ll be sharing his experience in the Andes, taking part in Ayahuasca and Yopo ceremonies, and how you could benefit from being more deeply connected to yourself and the world.

Leaders are always striving to be better.

But for Martin Palethorpe, founder of Unbounded and, in order to make better decisions and choices as a leader, a fundamental shift in consciousness is the answer.

“I’ve just been on a retreat for two weeks to the Columbian Andes, with a shaman and his wife. And it was the most profound and special experience,” says Martin.

During this experience, Martin took part in Ayahuasca and Yopo ceremonies, plants that help deeply connect you to yourself and the world.

“Indigenous tribes have been using plants like Ayahuasca for thousands of years as part of their rituals to heal themselves, and to deeply connect to life and everything in the cosmos. We were using these plants to release stress and trauma, but also to deeply connect to this indigenous wisdom.”

For Martin, his recent altered state experiences have only further reinforced his point that better leadership comes from shifting our level of consciousness.

“The world is in crisis on so many levels, and at the heart of this is a crisis in leadership. It’s coming from leadership that over many years has become too self-focused, too ego-driven, and everyone trying to get what we want for ourselves,” he explains.

“Any personal development is important, but this is a particularly profound, powerful example. Leaders are overly stressed and overwhelmed, and this process can help them get a better perspective on things, and gain more calmness and clarity.”

Come along and hear more from Martin about the power of plant medicine ceremonies, what you as leaders can learn from indigenous wisdom, and the importance of shifting consciousness for your leadership.